2008.11.25 Savannah, Georgia

We had a somewhat unexpected summer...we went to the UK and Europe to visit our families and had a nice day with David and Hannya (SV DOVOLENA) and I helped my Dad get ready for his move out of his London flat...
David's Mom had a stoke and passed away on a beautiful fall day after having seen all her children that day, we miss her!

CJ and Mike came down from Quebec City to bid us farewell...

We had a lovely send off dinner at Wendy and Jamie's on Saturday night, it's always so nice to see the grand children interacting so well and Katie regaling the troops on the piano


The flight from Montreal to Atlanta went smoothly, we only had 3 soft bags to check and if Cynthia had not loaned me her luggage scale (a really neat gadget) I would have worried about the weight...but this time I KNEW I was under the limit. Tomtom took us from Atlanta airport (huge) to Savannah with no trouble.

Soli looked beautiful and shiny on the outside but inside was another story...they had had several huge rain storms and some of it leaked into one of the lockers inside a step.... there was about 3 inches of water and needless to say the tools floating around were all rusty...also the yard had started a few jobs and not completed them ...ie the fridge door was off .... a bit of a mess. ..anyhow it is all getting sorted but we need to apply pressure as tomorrow is the last day before thankgiving weekend!!!!

We most likely will not launch until next week...tuesday probably.

A boat we know, Saltair, left the day we arrived...we just missed them...we heard today that they hit something quite hard, made a hole and were taking on water....not a good start to their Bahama bound trip... Fortunately Boats US went to their rescue and the US Coast Guard were apparently on hand to make sure they were alright.

We saw our new dinghy... a nine foot AB ...it is great and we are looking forward to zooming around in it....especially after last year with the Zodiac from hell that was almost grounds for divorce!

We have been staying at a little motel in Savannah, La Quinta, where we stayed last year with J&H until the boats were ready enough to to lived on....I must say it is a pleasure after a long, hard day on Soli, to come home and crash on a nice big bed in a nice warm room...the weather is quite a bit warmer than Montreal, I am sure, but it does get quite cool in the evening.. I am even wearing SOCKS!!
We also like to go to the pub next door, Bennigan's, for dinner...they have very good Bass which the skipper enjoys.

Everyone Fil, Wendy, Jamie are telling us we MISSED the first snow fall....we did not ...we planned it that way!

Thursday is Thanksgiving in the US and everything is closed...we are starting to look for a place that might be open so we can have a good old fashion traditional turkey dinner with all the trimmings...
David was remembering how we had a gorgeous one in Great Bridge, Virginia two years ago with Andre, Louise, Jacqueline and Heinz...it was raining so hard the bridge was closed and everything was flooded....we went to dinner in our sea boots!

I will try to be more a more prolific blogger than last year....Good night!