2012.06.11 - Montreal

I have been nagged beyond belief...someone needs closure and it does not happen in St Augustine...
So here we go with some more pictures...I will try and refrain from food pictures as I have been told "not really interesting".

Not Hope Town but lovely Vero Beach Lynne and Walter have just bought a home there...will have to go visit them.

My traditional picture of Cumberland head ...we need to be North of it for the insurance....
still did not visit the horses...maybe it will be 13 times lucky.

This boat is not aground, merrily meandering through the Georgia marshes. He was so impressed when I said "is she a Grand Banks East Bay?"

Due to the warm temperature we were attacked by hundreds...thousands of these marsh flies...and do they bite!
This little crab had one very large claw and attitude to match

Ziggy loved to have toes kissed by Beth.

Ahhhhhh one of our favourite Live Oak complete with Spanish Moss in Kilkenny Creek

This boat was on his way...doing the "Great Loop"  WOW!!!

Sanya was in Thunderbolt having some repairs done for the Volvo Ocean race....we saw her on TV last night...she did not do so well.

We are about to fold our monster main sail.

The monster is tamed and neatly folded in her bag...

Sanya's keel was removed....could not resist the pic...we match (in colour, not height!)

Then we gave Miss Beke, an oil and filters change....we look after her and hopefully she will look after us.

Do not believe that stainless does not rust...it just stains less. This is the before picture

Then it was haulout day...Kevin came along for the ride.

Soli dreads this as much as we do...

Ahhh...come on... please smile, we don't like this any more than you do!

Up she goes!!!

That's the best part..having your tummy power hosed!!!

Our prop badly needed maintenance...was shipped to its maker where it is getting lots of TLC.

Lots of solid jack stands with chains "in case of anything"

David doing the "Spotless stainless" treatment where I could not reach..will report on its effectiveness when we return this winter.

It looks very good...long may it last!

After a 2 day drive we are back in civilization....rush hour traffic on the 20 in Montreal.

David happily ensconced in his "man cave" which occasionally doubles as the kitchen!

Our traditional first meal at home....sushi and Petale de Rose

Alain worked his magic once again.

We keep in touch with Sharon, she and Lin are taking Indian Summer up to Annapolis on a farewell voyage...she sent us this pic of Steve's grave.

Then we were home and went full speed into family mode....
First Henry came to visit from Toronto with Elisabeth and Stephen,
he loved the balcony and the trees but mostly the sound of ambulances going up to the hospital. 
We had lunch, the best part being Little school boy cookies, with lots of chocolate, it did not get much better than having Taed read him a book at bedtime except for the visit to Westmount park.

Then it was Katy's bat

Then off to California for Idan's bar and more family bonding

Back home ...some quality time with Jack...thankfully not too old for sleep overs!

Convocations galore!!!!

That's about it for now....we still have 2 more graduations next week, Katie from primary and Matthew from high school...they should be shorter than the 2 we attended last week...but hey, who's complaining...not us...'tis quality time!!!