Cocoa Beach, Florida 2013.04.19

We are safely tucked away in Cocoa Village Marina, it has been a beautiful trek from Vero Beach ....yes believe it or not we left after only two wonderful days ....Velcro no more!!!! but we may stay here a couple of days as the weather might be taking a turn for the worse, rain and thunder...who is the highest mast in the harbour I wonder????

Let us go back to Green Turtle Cay for a bit...we find Voyageur "parked" in an unusual spot ....middle of the channel to White Sound....cheaper than a mooring ball?

We went for a last walk on Gillam Bay...

      Hermit crab....sorry Jack...

After all the last goodbyes and hugs it was time to start our trip North with our buddy boats.
We had a bit of an "issue" with Miss Beke (David's much loved and babied Westerbeke engine)...she just refused to stop. The evening before our departure the alarm went on, would not shut off, we started the engine and that would not stop...We had half the guys in our boat scratching their heads...we cut off the fuel etc...and finally Billy stopped her. 

We left the next morning and after a fantastic sail to Great Sale Cay had the same thing happen again...we were now anchored next to an unhabited island far from any civilisation with an engine that won't stop...we received a lot of advice from a number of skippers in the anchorage...nothing seemed to work....finally Bob launched his dink (which had been lovingly stored for the crossing) put the outboard on went to pick up Ross who manually stalled her. 
Thanks guys!!!
After a good night sleep we all pick up anchor...actually around 1400 and headed out across the banks. 

Thanks Bob and Jane for those great shots of Soli.

The crossing was pretty smooth and we had timed our arrival at Ft Pierce inlet with a flood tide so it was no problem....
THEN after docking at Harbortown Marina and helping catch our buddy boats...David went to shut off the engine (I had forgotten the whole "issue)...nothing doing...she ran for AN HOUR AND A HALF after the fuel was cut off....on love and fresh air...everybody wanted to buy her....anyhow super Ross who had not slept for who knows how long came over and finally shut her off again...
It was now time to have her looked at and fortunately a great mechanic came to the rescue...found the problem and fixed it!!!

A suivre....


Green Turtle Cay 2013.04.08

Happy birthday David..since I did not have a presie for you I blogged as I know how much you enjoy it!



Happy birthday Taed ...we love you!