Monday 2010.03.22 Hope Town

NO EXCUSES!!!! That was the name a racing friend of ours gave his boat …and it fits our situation now !

Sharon and I are at the coffee shop in beautiful downtown Hope Town….I am having a soy latte and banana and guava cake …yum!!!think I am ready for the other half....especially since I forgot my wallet and she is paying....double yum!!!

It is absolutlely pouring, she came to pick me up in her dink, both of us wearing our foulies and we soaked the floor coming in….someone was following us with a mop! (pictures to follow).

We had quite a stormy night…thunder and lightening most of the night and monsoon type rain…. It is wonderful for the islanders, they need rain desperately.

The weather, otherwise, has been quite nice lately, finally getting warm, I ACTUALLY WENT SWIMMING! …the water is warming up nicely….of course all this is happening as we are about to start our move North. Having said that it is supposed to be lovely at home Wendy send me a pic of crocuses in her garden!

I don’t have a lot of time …how long can you sit with soy latte!!!! So I will send pics…they are worth a thousand words they say.

We went to the Hope Town firemen fair ...

We took the dinks and went to Tahiti beach...amazing range on these new dink engines "IT'S A YAMAHA!!!"

David's sand dollar harvest!

'twas a little shark...so cute!!!!

Lots of sea stars small and large.

and a pretty little jelly fish ...look but don't touch!!!

Then we headed back for home and the winners are......

Jo and John (Heartbeat) ...looks like they were towing a skier!!!

Sharon and I went to Marsh Harbour with the Donny ferry and had a girls day out... lunch and shopping (food of course you silly!!!) but I found a really neat presie for David at the hardware store!!!

A magnet on a telescopic handle...he fished out the tool he had dropped under the engine!!!! brilliant!!

We had a cocktail party on Soli and tried to see how many we could squeeze in...TWELVE ...we had a very good time, especially after David relinquished his bartending duties to Sharon and all our gin and rum evaporated!!!

We took another dink trip to Cracker P's this time...they must have known we were coming check out the flags.

Superb vistas from Lubbers Cay.

and took another little walk to Tahiti beach...no shark this time but a magnificent blue searay!!!
It was fun chasing after him on the dink as I was trying to snap pics...not sure he enjoyed it as much as we did...a little camera shy!

As CJ says...things never change... any oportunity is good to study the back of his eyelids!!!

On the way home we explored the coast line and found Rudy's hurricane hole and a lovely statue of a little girl doing a hand stand...probably from the foundry in Little Harbour.

Bye for now...


2010.01.03 Sunday

A bit of a dreary day...good to cocoon read or cook....I am reading as we've been invited next door for sups.

I'll upload a few pics, some action shots from Sharon's camara as Soli was just about airborn during the early part of the  crossing.

and then came crashing down and buried her bow...I could not quite understand at first why our mirror in the v-berth was all wet,,,nothing was leaking, ubtil she hit another wave and came down hard and a geiger of water erupted from our sink drain...next time we will close the seacock!

This was coming down the ICW, when they ezceptionaly took the lead!

Lake Worth North anchorage I think!