Leeward Yacht Club, Black Sound,
Green Turtle Cay, Abacos.
14th December 2012.

Vero Beach, after its abortive attempts to lure us into staying with early morning fog , lay astern of us and we had a peaceful voyage down the ICW . 

St. Lucie inlet, which has, in the past been something of a bĂȘte noire to us (the bottom tends to get annoyingly close to Soli’s bottom) was passed without incident.  Even the large armada of Optimist dinghies with dozens of boats both large and small, containing, we suppose, many parents caused us no problem.

We have always sworn that we would never transit Jupiter Inlet on a weekend, for it seems to attract too many idiots in fast power boats who are trying to commit suicide with no regard to our stately progress !!  The weather, however, by the time we got there had turned somewhat dull and overcast so most of them had gone home.

Having left Vero at 08.00 hrs we arrived at the North Palm Beach marina at 17.00 hrs.  topped up the fuel tanks, water tanks and had a last pump out.  Whilst there we met the Reeds on their beautiful Sabre 38, “Mon Amie” , who were also going the same way as we were, so we agreed to buddy boat across on Monday morning, when the weather was forecast to be perfect for crossing.

 And so it was!!  We cast off from the marina at 06.00 hrs and passed the Palm Beach Sea Buoy at 07.00 hrs on an ebb tide.    The wind picked up fairly quickly and with both sails pulling well we were fairly zooming along, with the engine more or less ticking over only.  The sea was somewhat confused and the swell short at only about four second intervals, which made for a rather wet ride and we shipped water and spray almost continuously, but Soli lapped it up and we made a record crossing arriving at the waypoint on the Bahama banks at 13.55 hrs giving us an average speed of 7.44 knots from the Sea Buoy.  I doubt we shall better that for awhile!!

Now if you really want action (and I don't mean running to the loo heaving!!!) you may wish to have a peek at these... David very proudly updated some videos to U-Tube ...very branche, my husband!!!



The wind stayed fresh from the south on the banks but the swell was gone so we continued on happily to Great Sale Cay, where we anchored with a number of other boats at 20.00 hrs. I did not particularly enjoy anchoring in a moonless pitch dark night with David at the bow not secured to the boat!!!!

A good night’s sleep and we left for Green Turtle Cay at 07.00 hrs, dropping the anchor outside Black Sound , awaiting the tide , at 15.30 hrs.  During that time we launched our dinghy and  tidied up the sails etc until we raised the anchor and headed into the dock at around 17.30 hrs just before high water.   It was indeed nice to be met by many of the usual crowd of friends from previous years, so after tying up we headed for the bar and several rums, conch fritters etc!!   Customs and Immigration were cleared the following day and so we are now legally in the Bahamas !!
Carol(Interim) hurt her ankle and could not put any weight on it...so we had a very interesting exercise with Richard (retired Canadian coast guard) in charge of the operations and Soli supplying    a bosun chair and our super preventer... it was decided that instead of walking to and up the stairs, Carol would be lifted straight from her bunk to the deck....this was masterfully accomplished and she was then stately carried off the boat and lovingly deposited on a chair on the dock to await the ferry to Treasure Cay's medical facilities......AND I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO TAKE ANY PICTURES...THE PAPPARAZZI WAS MUFFLED!!! Anyway nothing broken...a badly sprained ankle...
Bill not only proposed again from the look of things, but has been cooking, cleaning etc ever since humm!

This might likely be our last blog before the Christmas holiday and maybe even a New Year, so that being so may we wish all our readers, where ever they may be a very happy Christmas (holiday season) and we wish you  all a happy, healthy New Year.


2012.12.08 North Palm Beach Florida

It's been almost one month since we left Montreal, so....I guess David is somewhat justified in complaining about my lack of blogging...I've been busy with other more pressing things to do and then too tired or lazy when I was done!!!

Let's get updated since the last posting...we were in grand children graduation frenzy but missed Matthew since his took place afterwards... So here he is towering over me.

We went to Lac Brome to visit Jean-Pierre and Marie-Francoise of Nid'O fame...we .had a lovely day and  must go back for duck next year.
We went on a little motor trip to Connecticut and Maine to visit friends and pick up David's model of Soli.

Off to the UK to visit family...if Mohamed won't come to the mountain ...the mountain must.....

We love "DowntonAbbey" ...we went to visit the grand  "house" wher it was filmed..."Highclere castle"
We Went to Toronto to visit with Master Henry and Fam....Smily and Taed!!!

Our  friends, from long ago at BYC,Peter and Nancy-Junecame to visit. They now live in Oakville and like us are cruising around on their sailboat
 Step 3...maybe not like us...they seem to move a lot more...
We are now going back to Europe,,,I got muddle up in the order of download,,,and it is too slow to redo...sorry.

Boats....boats always boats. From Deb and James little one on the brook at the bottom of the garden to Nesta Mae, Chris and Maggie's 72ft narrow boat ...now cruising English channels is not for the meek (and I mean physically) David drove and I did the locks...ooooof!!!

We had a very quick trip to Rome to pick up Catherine (CJ) and Veronica and take them to Opio for a little vacation in Tony and Henri marvellous villa....a monster was created there...Vivi (the future Esther Williams for those of you old enough to know who she was!!!) we could not get her out of the pool.
We went to visit my Dad in Villefranche and a much too hort visit to Danielle and Robert in Ste Consorce .

Really Tead...a little young ,dont you think.

Med diet on in the Med......
This trip was insanely rushed...trying to fit everybody (or almost) was quite stressful....
We got home for a little more bonding with our Canadian Fam...... also went far too fast!!!

Wendy...our super star daughter had most of  the falily over....Thanks Toots...we know you have nothing else to do!!! :)

We stopped by Toronto on our way down to Soli to have another little Henry fix... (S&E also of course).
                                WE ARE NOW STARTING THIS YEARS'S BLOG!!!!!

      We met up with Carol and Bill (Interim) at La Quinta.

     We had not seen Skip and Harriet since Xmas 2008 ...they haven't changed a bit.
     And we thought we ould install the bullet antenna ourselves...good thing Mike Robbie were around with their expertise and double-jointed bodies!
    We finally got Kevin to help bending on the sails...he swore he would never buy a sailboat....

     New addition to our toys Bullet M2 antenna..good thing David Hudson had made us another bracket!!!
    Soli with her favorite dock neighbour....Blue Moon !!!!

   After a very easy outside passage from St Catherine Souund to St Simon Simon Island (to avoid the Little Mud River) here we go again meandering down the good old ICW...House shopping NOT!!!

      Ma cabane au Canada????

     After a couple of days in St Augustine, where er did not see Lin, but had Soli's belts checked and adjusted ...we went through the "new" Bridge of Lions .
     This historic site is the Matanzas fort where 400 Huguenots were massacred in 1569 "Matanzas" means  

    Our Med lunch on the ICW ...very authentic though...Olive oil from Opio.

    There must have been something yummy under the water.

     One of Vero Beach's finest trees

     Lynn and Walter bought a lovely house in Vero Beach and they were wonderful hosts cum driving/shopping service...THANKS MUCH YOU TWO!!!!

     Friday morning...the day we are to leave Vero Beach (remember velcro beach) ....well it really tried to keep us there by fogging us in but we waited a bit and the fogburned off and so were we!!!!!

    Theherb garden is in position ...we are now officially in full cruising mode....a bientot....maybe  :)