The finale!!!

Montreal 2011.06.03

Not sure why I am doing this...maybe to stop David from nagging!!!

I don't know what happened to me but the paparazzi was on strike or maybe shy!!! I took no pics of New Smyrna Beach, a few of Palm coast and none of St. Augustine...are you proud of me Val?

Anyhow this is Soli coming up the ICW.

Ooooops..I think I meant NORTH of Cumberland Is.!!!

We arrived safely at Golden Is. Marina on St. Simons Is...and were greeted as usual by Melissa, dock master extraordinaire, who had wonderful news....she is engaged! I just had to take pics of the happy couple.

This is where we parted company with our friends Terry & Charlotte (Zephyr) and Bob & Connie (Wind Walker) as they were headed for Charleston and we for Savannah...We went outside and had a great  ride on the ocean...after a while we lost sight of our friends .

Back home in Thunderbolt, we were happily reunited with our Volvo, she started on the first turn of the key (after David had reconnected the battery of course!)
We then tackled the decommisioning of Soli, which is a painstaking and somewhat depressing job...but we knew we would soon be reunited with our family and that made everything alright.
Kevin was there to greet us and offer assistance and within a few days she was ready for her long slumber over the summer.

After much trepidation we hit the road on our Northerly trek...we decided to make a little detour and do the Blue Ridge mountain Skyway in North Carolina and Virginia ...it was built 60 years ago as part of President Roosevelt "New Deal" after the great depression , we unfortunately did not have time to do the whole length of it as it got cloudy and we could not drive very fast...but it is another most beautiful part of America.

We had our annual Mother's day clan reunion at Wendy's...thanks Toots...good job,well done!

 Then we were off to Toronto for Master Henry's baptism

Which brings us back to Montreal and our summer away from Soli...
What do we do...well, we swim in the pool..we walk downtown, culture shock..no sand...no sea, we do some volonteering...we hang out at the yacht club and will do race committee....we catch up with our friends and we try and see our very busy grand children....the little ones are fortunately still into sleepovers...not sure for how much longer, but we enjoy it while it last and then of course we have the new crop coming up!!!

Katy kneading dough for pizza....Yum!!!

 Alright David I am done...I will not bore anyone any longer for this season...
Catch you next fall ...have a great summer everyone!