Wednesday Feb 24th

What’s been happening since we last chatted….

Sharon and I went up to the light house for a visit… we had gone up 3 years ago with Jacqueline & Heinz, so it was time for another visit. We of course had to wait for a nice sunny day, which this year has not been a given, in order to take a lot of nice pictures….so now you can see where our home base is.

Last time we had also gone up at dusk when the light keeper light it, which was absolutely fascinating.


Then we of course did more beach walks and lo and behold, this past week end the weather was good and the forecast for the week following was more fronts coming in.

Soooo we just had to take advantage of this nice little window….actually everybody was on the same page…there was a mass exodus, most of the harbour emptied out.

Saturday morning, Indian Summer and Soli left HT close to high tide and we planned on meeting up with Hannyah and David (Dovolena) on Lynyard Cay. We unfortunately motored as the little wind we had was from the south, but it was a beautiful day and it felt good to be out on the open sea!

We met up with Dovolena …they had been anchored for a while as they went down the shallow passage which is much shorter…my skipper is driving the “Queen Mary” and we stick to “big ship” passages, but it mattered not we were in no hurry. The anchorage was such a pretty spot with a lovely beach, there were only half a dozen boats anchored there and everyone met up on the beach for “sun downers”. We barbecued steaks and had a peaceful night at anchor, David is so pleased with our new anchor…a 45 lbs Manson Supreme (Rocna type), the only anchor approved by Lloyds of London (stamped right on it!!!!).

On Sunday we decided to move the boats to Tilloo Cay, we had a lovely breeze from the SSE and had a grand sail. After beaching the dinks, we explored the beach which always has a lot of live sea biscuits, the trick is to find dead ones which do not fall apart….David did quite well, I found a small but interesting piece of coral and then tripped on a small bump on the beach…I started digging and uncovered the corner of a towel…but the time I had dug it all up it was a nice big towel loaded with sand…by the time I had dragged it back to the dink through the water it looked like it might make a nice addition to our linen closet! We could not see the sunset as it was starting to get overcast in preparation for ….you guessed it ….another front due on Monday.

Monday morning saw the not so intrepid duo weighing anchor to head for home….then AGAIN I heard the alternator belt slipping…David said it indeed was not charging, sooooooooo dropped anchors again and I went to pick up Steve and the men did their thing again, grunting all the way. The belt seemed to be as tight as could be and we set off again and got into HT harbour as the wind was picking up.

We had a lovely happy hour on board Heart Beat last evening as well as a knot tying seminar….promised I’d go back today re refresher course.

We are back ensconced in HT and swinging from our mooring….it is very windy about 25-30 knt ….Sharon and I have a date this morning to go to the coffee house (aka internet café) with our laptops to have a blogging session…and maybe a cappuccino… yum!!!

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