New Smyrna Beach       10th December 2011

I think that when we last left you we were dithering once again, well, believe it or not a decision was made and we departed Camachee Cove Marina at 12.30 on the 9th for Palm Coast Marina.  Not a long trip but a difficult one owing to the tides, as we had to pass Matanzas Inlet which is a notorious spot for groundings owing to shoaling.

We timed our approach so that we would get there some time after low water i.e., on a rising tide so even if the unthinkable happened we would just have to sit and wait for the tide to float us off.  As it was the U S Corps of Engineers had been there before us and had done a grand job of dredging and remarking the channel, so we passed through without excitement seeing a lowest depth of eight and a half feet.

Arrival at Palm Coast Marina was on schedule, owing to no delay awaiting for more water at Matanzas and we were berthed and enjoying a hard earned libation 17.30 hrs..

N.B.  We must be getting south ‘cos for the first night we did not have the heater on all night… now that’s cause for celebration!!

A peaceful night and an 08.20 start saw us back into the I C W ….. a stiff 20 knot wind
pushed us down the Halifax River and past Daytona Beach into another “iffy”  spot on the I C W namely Ponce de Leon inlet.   We passed through at close to low water with a least depth seen of nine and a half feet so little problem and are now docked at the New Smyrna Beach Marina.

The weather at present is not the greatest….. humid, overcast with rain threatening and this evening the wind and weather is forecast to last until at least Thursday….  i.e N E to E wind at 15/20 knots 20/50% chance of rain every day etc etc….  so we will plough on and if we have to be stuck somewhere we shall try to be stuck in Vero Beach.

So……..amazingly…….  no more dithering….  tomorrow we go to Cocoa Beach Marina, somewhere we have never been before.  Another new adventure !!!

If we make it, we’ll tell you about it !

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