It's amazing to think almost a whole month has gone by since my last fiasco....
Well, this time, David is on board and I came ashore as the wifi is just too impossibly slow at our mooring to upload any pictures ...so now you know what you are in for!!!!

We were asked if Soli would like to volunteer as race committee boat, she graciously accepted and we came along...what a treat!!!!
I must give credit for these pics to photographer extraordinaire William Heyer of Will and Muffin (and Lucy) fame.

   And they are off!!!
   A Sunbeam sandwich.

Just to show you that some gorgeous sailing can be had....all you need to do is leave the harbour.

The star of our harbour, Elbow Cay Light house, is a world famous old lady, who needs a little (a lot) of TLC ...she has friends among the BLPS (Bahamas Lighthouse Preservation Society) and last week we spent a day cleaning, fixing and sorting through some old parts...she is fortunate to have friends with an array or wonderful skills. A picnic lunch was a nice way to get better acquainted.

    Dynamic duo.
    How many men does it take to fix a light?

We had accepted a lunch invitation at Susan and Rolph's when the crew of "The Rage" came over to see if David could crew...well, I told him "of course...Susan will understand"...they almost press ganged him and he had so much fun...

These pics were taken by Will again.
    The Rage in full flight
    That's one mighty long boom...

     Yep !!! that's my hubby out on the pries (blue t-shirt & hat) 
     The spectator gallery Deke Chris and Miss Penny.
    This pic may make it to the "wooden boat" mag calendar wohoo!!!

   It does not just look like hard work...it is!

On a more mundane note... we have garbage day three times a week...the guys take turns picking up from the boats...it was Billy's turn.   

     Service with a smile!

   Then the (big) kids went dinghy sailing...showing off around the harbour


We went to the Abaco Inn for lunch, and I did not want to walk back...it was too hot (sorry) but himself did....good for you David!

  The road was almost washed away by hurricane Irene
Sups on Interim - Not sure what the guys were laughing at...I was not wearing my red t-shirt!!!

   Thanks Anne...it tasted as gorgeous as it looked.

   We had one of our "Cay topics" at the lodge... a lunchon for ladies only...the men are actually quite envious as it feeds our minds and tummies wonderfully .

  I did not wear my beloved tatty Tilley hat...it is for beach bumming only, but many hats were out in force.

    As usual Tom put out a magnificent and delicious spread...told you the guys     were envious.
    This picture shows how "skinny" Elbow Cay is in the middle, the ocean's just a stone's throw from the Sea of Abaco and our anchorage.
   Our chauffeur was waiting to ferry us back home...some perks to this job!

   We attended a benefit dinner fo ECC (a wonderful cause that cruisers love to support) and met some of the students...so sweet...about Katy's age I suspect!!!


 Then there was the "Writer's read"..where local talent regale us with prose   and verse...below the youngest (12) and ageless Miss Adelaide...

We went to "Sip-Sip" for the first time and  enjoyed a drink with our favourite photographer Will and old friend  David (Trillium)

The spaghetti junction....aaarrrgh!!!


Last time David turned on the generator...I ran all over the boat and plugged in  everything...I think I counted 10 thirsty toys...we are a little too "branches", it might be more relaxing to be anchored off a real deserted island  with no wifi available and just live off the land and sea ....but we would miss talking to our kids!!!

Hope Town fair - fund raiser for the fire department.

    BASRA - wonderful first responders...they pulled Mary Helen off the reef 3 years ago

    Monica painted those little girls faces with such care and kindness
    Carol with the best sisters in law Di and Nan.(could not resist those hats!!!)

    The Albury family Teresa and Lambert justifiably proud parents of amazing    Anna!!!
    Friends  Mary Helen and Harvey came over from Man O War and Jean-Pierre from Marsh Harbour
    Billy's graceful sculling style was ...well it just was a lot of fun...
    It earned Heinz aand Jacqueline a t-shirt 
   When it was time to go home ...dink engine would not fire up....so Will gave us a tow....
....then he and Dave fixed it!!!! how lucky are we to have such neighbours.

     We do go off island sometimes... we went to Lubbers on Billy skiff.

   Winky organised a picnic on Johnny's Cay and brought all his water toys, it was like camp for adults.

    We had "smores" on a camp fire ...yum!!!


Then it was Abaco Inn again for sunday brunch this time,

    And David walked home again...only about 3.in 5 miles I think!!!

    Now here Anna, who made Hope Town so proud...she was giving an award for being the best student in the Abacos, by none other than Prince Harry in Nassau and she blew him away with her speech...Anna is blind from birth.


My first pizza of this cruise...mmmmmm!!!! the crust could have been thinner.

Mary Helen came over for the day from Man O War...David was racing on The Rage so I dinked ashore and we had a nice lunch and went to the museum...found out that Elbow Cay used to be called  Little Guana Cay...Who knew!

   Long way down ...the ladders get steeper every year...could not be that I'm getting older.

   The Hope Town Marina make over is really coming along...David even tried out the pool

  Well I have been sitting on this bar stool sipping an ice tea for HOURS...so in desperation David came over...the pork chops smell delicious, think we'll stay a while longer.

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