2012.04.22 St Augustine Florida (Camachee Cove)

We are well and truly on our way North and making pretty good time.
Since we are having a "down" day in St Augustine (due to poor weather) and the wifi is so goog at CCYC, I thought I would preempt (sp?) the nagging and post some pics.
After our little mini cruise to Manjack with Breizi, we returned for our last few days in Black Sound (Green Turtle Cay).
Life was a whirlwind of social activity as everyone was planning mostly to haul out or sail away...
We were invited to Sybil for dinner, Brad had come back from India with lots of fresh spices and cooked us a delicious meal.

We had a "usual" Friday night "making the rounds"....starting at "David's"

Then it was on to "Pinapples" for a last fix of Kevin's music.


Then we had a going away party at the Lizard 

It was now time to leave Green Turtle and head for our first stop ...Great Sale Cay...an unhabited island with a great bight..favourite stop for cruisers on their way in or out of the Abacos.

We anchored had supper and went to bed early to store up some winks for the upcoming long passage to Cape Canaveral...

The usual leap of faith as we jumped off the Bhamas banks into the deep blue of the Atlantic.

To say we had a smooth passage would be a lie, it was a very good passage....we were under sail alone for over eight hours, the sky was magical as it can only be at sea far from any light pollution but the seas were about four feet and quite confused we took most of it on our starboard quarter but we made very good time and had to slow down again to arrive at Cape Canaveral in daylight.

David told me that you only find Flying fish on deck during rough passages!!!

We decided we did not really want to do another 20+ hour passage outside so we went up the good old ICW to St Augustine where Lin not only helped catch our lines but invited us for one of her gourmet meals and a great bottle of 12 year old Zin....thanks Lin!

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