2013.01.05 Green Turtle Cay...still

....but not for much longer...our month will be up next week and weather permitting we will move on to other shores.

I had another pretty bad experience with blogspot last week....lost another posting with lots of pics (which I had been religiously saving as I went along)...I gave up for a week and showed restrain by not throwing my laptop into the deep blue sea, nor Black sound.
I tackled it again yesterday and despite all the "error message, unable to publish or save..." I stuck it out, crossing all my toes and fingers and was able to post it...afterwards I went on line to discover that I was in very good company with this issue....hundred of frustrated bloggers were in the same boat...a bug in blogspot new improved version!!!!

Last Thursday Kevin and the Gully Roosters came to the Lizard...now I was exhausted and aching all over from our "little project" which included lifting anchors etc...anyhow all I wanted to do was crash in my bunk with a book and a pill...David wanted to go see Kevin..."Alright...but just for a little while and I am DEFINITELY not dancing"...my hips were moving before my feet hit the dock and I did not sit down for the rest of the evening...


Matt of The Gully Roosters doing the rake and scrape
Cam was sporting one of his colourful outfits
And the Lizard was booming...
   Tom and Liz (Chief's Lady) invited us to the boat parade...we went into White sound and New Plymouth...lots of fun...

A very friendly Santa was looking for attention...
And it worked...a big hug from Helen (North Star)
 On the last day of 2012, we were entertained and impressed by the arrival of Zingaro (sans engine) ....actually she had 2 auxilliary engines expertly manned   by a couple of dink skippers who brought her to the dock

  We had another super potlock...5 turkeys deliciously deep fried by Tom and Dick....

   January first, on Green Turtle Cay, is Junkanoo day... I usually try to get a good vantage point and couldn't help but take shots of these spectators below...

As usual Ruth was taking part

Roxy, sweetest little Weimaraner was quite bored with the whole thing.
If you want a little taste of Junkanoo ....

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