2013.01.31 happy days

Some happy days ...not necessarily in chronological order!!!

Happy birthday Carol.....have you caught up yet?

Our first walk on Hope Town  beach this year....after Sandy.....still so breathtakingly beautiful!

A lot of sand was pushed up with bull dozers trying to replace what Sandy washed away

We observed some cement retaining walls being put up.

Our first  fat Curly tail lizzard  of the season

We took the Donny ferry to Marsh Harbor to attend the art show

We spent a lovely day with Glen and Louise and their Gator

David found this most interesting piece of driftwood...an anteater maybe? legs are a bit long!

Nature never ceases to amaze us...this tree growing support/additional roots on a long limb

Playing with the macerator....I make a better pretzel than David!!!

Dink bottom cleaning day for  David  and Mike

The Rage came into the harbor under full sail...

Maddison aka Brown Tips checked out Soli's bottom and zincs...

and then showed off his...or  does he know about my foot fetish?

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