New Tea Kettle Creek GA 20071125

I could say that I have been lazy about blogging so far but by the time Jacqueline and I spent the day provisioning and then even more stressful stowing it all away and doing this day after day for a week, I had no energy at the end of the day…. Hopefully this will now change.

At 0730 this morning we severed our umbilical cords, yes there are several, water, power and of course mooring lines but most important the use of the Weber’s van and availability of all the trappings of civilization…just one more ciabbatta…a few more packs of Cape Cod chips… Well that’s all over now, no more panic ….did I forget anything…well if I did we will have to do without it, I don’t think that I could have gone to Publix (local super market) one more time if you paid me.

The day’s run was pleasantly uneventful, winding our way through the golden marshes of Georgia again, some people might find them boring or dull, but I love their simple understated beauty. We saw our first dolphins, egrets, cormorants and my favourites, the pelicans flying in perfect fighter pilot formation, inches from the water’s surface.

David was at the helm as usual with the occasional short relief from yours truly…. This was an almost 9 hour run.

We are now anchored in New Tea Kettle Creek in almost the same spot as last time and it is a nice quiet evening, somewhat overcast so we will not be treated to a Georgia marsh sunset today..

The sun is getting low and it is starting to get cool in the cabin… Heinz suggested we open the engine compartment door… that Westerbeke certainly produces a lot of heat and we’ll probably have to light up our little Origo alcohol stove later on.

Time to think about supper… a nice thick Tuscan soup with ciabbatta sounds like good comfort food on a chilly night.

As Catherine has said we are now underway, at long last, I was getting tired of spending time in Thunderbolt shipyard, although the people were very nice to us and most accommodating.

An uneventful first days run – it was nice to see our speed over the ground increase to something over ten knots despite engine revs for seven – that’s the beauty of getting the tides in the right place !! A couple of spots where we had to slow down as the water got a little skinny but both boats eased through it without any problem. So here we are in New Teakettle Creek peacefully at anchor and about to have supper. Tomorrow it’s another start at daybreak (about 07.00 hrs in these parts). We have hopes of making Fernandina Beach with no stop at Jekyll Island…… Florida at last and hopefully warmer than it has been in Georgia this past couple of days !! Who would have thought that we would have had to break out the long underwear, Guernsey sweaters and Musto jackets this far South .

All for now – bibi.