Thunderbolt 20.11.07
Another glorious day – sun – not a cloud in the sky – 80*F temp and lots and lots of work!!! Catherine and Jacqueline disappeared at around 09.30 hrs to reappear at around 15.00 hrs with a van full of food…….. food in cans, food in boxes, food in bags, etc etc but no fresh meat or veggies – that comes tomorrow.

Meantime this scribe assisted Greg, from the shipwright yard, in drilling holes in our beautiful boat and erecting our new wind generator. Now, as many of you may realize the last thing any sailor wants to do is drill holes in your hull – holes let water in, and that’s a bad thing !!! Not to worry however, all was done in a most professional manner and we are very content to see the new addition to “Solitaire”s stern. Tomorrow the electrician is supposed to come to wire everything up, there’s one more hole to drill, and, with the help of the Honda generator we should be yet another step closer to being entirely self sufficient. Amazing how one needs electricity and how careful one is when you have to produce it yourself, rather than just switch on a light !

A note …. The resident photographer will post a couple of snaps of the new addition in a short while .

David was inspired and went up to fix Soli's booties too.

He also put into practice his long ago learnt skill of splicing rope...don't think he welcomed the interuption for picture taking!

”L’Equipe” also now sports the same machine, not on her stern, but above the radar dome on her mizzen mast, also very impressive. We hope that our expectations are not too far fetched !!

The boat is still something of a mess, but slowly but surely she is coming together, clothes are being put away, I have been told that if my clothes do not fit into a drawer and a shelf then I have too much……… probably true, but my clothes, being larger than the Admiral’s, take up more room !! (the skipper’s shelf and his drawer are also proportionately larger!) Ah well, some will have to go home. Since we have the Weber’s van here in Thunderbolt we are filling a box with stuff that we don’t really need to go back to Montreal , so maybe some of the surplus clothes will go home.
As I write this Catherine is doing the dishes, after our first home cooked meal for a week or more, it really all seems to be coming together! It is a very nice change after eating out for so long! Last night we went to River Drive in Savannah, where we had docked the previous cruise, a delicious meal at The Boar’s Head, and maybe the last meal out for some time. That said, as those of you who have followed the previous blog will have noted, we do not exactly starve when the ladies are cooking !!

It is 21.00 hrs and about our bed time…… yes we really do go to bed quite early, ready for that early start in the morning so will hand over to the Admiral.


The admiral is also ready to crawl into bed with “Gone with the wind” I read it a very long time ago but CJ (Catherine Junior) lent me a copy and it is so very suitable as we are in Georgia enjoying “Southern hospitality” and the remarkably wonderful friendly people….”y’all this and y’all that”… I am expecting Scarlett or Rhett to appear any minute. The trees are sumptuously dripping with Spanish moss… must take my camera tomorrow and take a few pics.

I am reminded of all the people who asked about our “VACATION” last winter!!!! I AM on vacation at home sitting in front of computer … here I hardly sit to have a meal (when I find time to have a meal) and David is equally busy readying the boat for our departure and on the phone and computer working hard to fix ships who said men can’t multi task!

I was unable to post…it appears that Wi-Fi in this marina only works at high tide!!!! As the tide is about 10 feet we are way down at the moment and not getting a signal… the next high tide should be in the middle of the night but I am sorry to say it is beyond my level of dedication to stay up to post…will have to wait until tomorrow.