2007.12.11 Green Turtle Cay

We are holed up in Black Sound waiting out some high winds...probably side effects from huricane Olga which is hamering some islands further South...New Plymouth on Green Turtle is a good place to be stuck as we love it... very laid back and pretty...
Yesterday was quite an interesting day, David and I took apart our macerator pump and changed the impeller...good thing we had a spare !!!! some of you may ask what is a macerator pump... it is the pump that empties our holding tank and liquifies the whole thing and disposes of it overboard... they do not have pump out stations in the Bahamas.... so that was a good job done!

David is doing the stainless steel on the boat today...do not let anyone tell you that SS does not rust...in salt water EVERYTHING rusts!

I have been sitting at this lovely little beach bar where they very kindly let me bum their wifi signal...thanks Pineapple's... but it is noon and people are starting to arrive for lunch so I guess I better clear my stool...

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