North Lakeworth 2007.12.02

Soli's herb garden, basil, parsley and mint for mojitos...

We are anchored in Lake Worth and will try to blog soon... I just wanted to see if I had managed to fix the comment (or lack thereof) problem...it seems to be working now ...so hope to hear from y'all soon... a good old boy from Georgia just came to visit and have a chat, David showed him the book he is reading of another Southern boy, Bill Clinton so not to be outdone I showed him the book I am reding, a good Southern girl, Scarlett O'Hara, Gone with the wind!!!



Elisabeth said...

Ahoy y'all! Glad to hear you're gettin' on with them locals, yee haw!

I've been enjoying reading your blog, except that it makes me tired reading about all the hard work you've been doing. I feel like a lardy land lubber.

I love the herb garden..must get around to doing that for our kitchen.

A longer message will hopefully be sent via email soon.

Happy Sailling!

Anonymous said...

Yay the comment box is fixed!!

Love the herb garden :)

Am very jelouse about all the beautiful weather you are having!!

Glad you two are enjoying your second trip as much as the first.

Love you!

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