We haven’t posted anything for 10 days…what a lazy bunch we are, well, actually not that lazy, we are still working on the bright work, David has just put on the sixth coat of Cetol on our swim ladder steps and we are now stripping the companionway which will be done with Cetol as well… maybe tomorrow, this IS Sunday after all!

I guess we haven’t posted because there is nothing noteworthy or new to write about. Our routine is pretty much the same most days and rather mundane I am afraid…. Tea with the cruiser’s net on the VHF radio in the morning, sanding, scraping, beach combing for sea glass, having sun downers and blowing our conch at sunset then dining al fresco in the cockpit under a canopy of stars... BOOOOOOOOOORING!

Today I spoke to my sister Danielle, who is taking computer lessons, I am pleased to report and she commented on D’s beard… when told he wanted to shave it off, she was horrified, she declared it “magnifique”, another comment has been “it look very Hemingwayish” on the other hand we have less than enthusiastic vibes from D's Ma and CJ…we are 10 days past the deadline and the beard lives on…an Allin tradition, first Christopher then Stephen now David…so far!

The other day reading Beth (Madcap)’s blog…I noticed she was asking what was the difference between an island and a cay …there were several suggestions made, having to do with fresh water or lack thereof ….Google gave the following definition “a cay (pronounced KEY ) is a small low elevation sandy island made on the surface of coral reefs.” I guess they do not have any fresh water source which is why it is so expensive….water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink!

Some of our dock neighbours, Jim, Laura and Buoy (the dog) on Voyager went away for a few days…yes some of us actually do move, and took this picture of a water spout (mini tornado) right outside Hope Town harbour…it just missed us.. now that would have been SOMETHING to write about!!! The weather has changed… somewhat cooler, still shorts and t-shirts though and definitely NO SOCKS... tonight, though, we took our fleeces when going to Interim for drinks but no shoes... when we dinghy from boat to boat we don't wear them.

L’Equipe also went off for a couple of days … Jacqueline was getting antsy, which I can totally sympathise with….we had dinner on board L’Equipe…tomato salad (with some basil from my TREE) and some delicious mahi-mahi caught and cleaned by Captain Weber himself… how sweet it is!

We were stuck here this week waiting for delivery of 2 new batteries. We came home one evening to this very strange and unknown smell on the boat….we sniffed and sniffed and could nor identify the source of it, after deciding that the boat was most likely not going to blow up during the night we went to sleep. David, though, had the foresight to switch off the battery charger.
Next morning, we went to check on the battery fluid (which David had just done ONE WEEK AGO) and 2 of them were very hot and some of the cells had dried…. Fortunately there was an electrician on the dock who came over, had a look and told us where to order new ones… they were ordered and came a couple of days later on the Carib III, local delivery service barge which looks like a converted landing craft.
Richard, the electrician, went to get them at the ferry dock, delivered them and helped David install and reconnect them… and we are still waiting for his bill… no problem man…. I know you are good for it.. I’m not worried!!!

Cruisers here have accounts at the local grocery store, well, after all you don’t take money for a walk on the beach and if you need some groceries on the way back to the boat… well you just put it on your tab… try and do that at Metro or Sainsbury… We have all had countless experiences with these wonderful trusting and friendly Bahamians… Pat (Legacy) was telling us last night how Jim had left his backpack with wallet, passport etc. at the ferry terminal in Marsh Harbour because he was carrying a nice child whom he had befriended. Not a problem , the backpack was located and put on the very next ferry to Hope Town..
You practically have to chase after people to pay them money owed to them!

One of my favourite people is the postmistress, Nora, I keep going to see if she has received a small package with parts for my glasses, on Friday she said "I'll hail you on 16 if it comes in and if you don't have your ears on I'll call you on the phone"

Now, isn't it a good thing I didn't have anything to talk about!

PS a couple of oldies but goodies...one courtesy of Elisabeth and the other one from Brian Petrie!!!


Anonymous said...

wow! Stephen with hair! Speaking of which, Stephen has now shaved, much to my satisfaction (and his I think)


Anonymous said...

Dad, your beard has actually grown in very nice. It is just a bit unusual to see you with one. Do you think you could keep it until you get back to Montreal???


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