2008.01.31 Hope Town

"red skies at night
sailor's delight"

Well today is the last day of the month…duh!!!!really.. well I mean the month that David promised me he would not shave to humour me, I have always wanted to see what he would look like with a beard and although I just love it, all I’ve been hearing from day one is a count down to when he can shave…. Tomorrow will tell!!!! I might throw the razor overboard tonight, now that's a thought!!!

We had not gone for a walk on the beach for a few days, we have been working on our bright work still but are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel… she is almost all scraped, sanded and scrubbed to a lovely natural blond teak colour….we are seriously tempted to let her go naturally grey, after all it’s good enough for us why not for Soli.

Today we took a break from work and went for a long walk on the beach…it has been quite windy (Northers they are called) and the beach configuration changed from flat to slanted at a pretty good angle which gives our legs a good workout, fortunately after having lunch at “On da beach” we walked back and hopefully exercised our muscles on the other side…one needs to keep things even after all….the surf was breaking on the reefs and in some places on us…I always get the few rogue waves that soak my skirt and I still don’t learn …the colours of the water and the sky are still so magically beautiful that the wonder of it all does not wear off.

We heard on the “cruiser’s network”, a program of info and contact put on by the cruising community on the VHF radio that tomorrow morning (very early) will be a very special time as far as the position of Venus, Jupiter and the Moon… they are going to be so close and bright… we have zero light pollution here so the galaxies are absolutely gorgeous at night.

We went to pick up our propane tank at the Harbour View groceries… the lady said our tank was back from Marsh Harbour but it was still in the Boston Whaler so I should go and get it and come back sometime next week to pay because she was not sure how much it was!!!! This is a very different way of life…we went to the post office yesterday to pick up a small package(parts for my glasses) which my optometrist had sent by express..well the package got stuck in Marsh Harbour (bigger island) and they would not send it on to Hope Town because they needed a signature… the wonderfully nice post mistress talked to them for 20 minutes and finally made a deal with them… SHE is going to MH by ferry on Friday and will pick up our package and bring it back here….

We have still not done much sailing… went racing a couple of times but basically we are living aboard a floating condo with power, fresh water (at 25 cents a gallon) available wifi (most of the time) so we can function pretty well… David spends a lot of time “in the office” and in touch with business by phone and emails… we have 3 laptops (his, mine and Soli’s) and a Blackberry that works beautifully….so we do not feel isolated in the least…if we decide to go further south that may change….time will tell.

Jacqueline is getting itchy to move and I feel pretty much the same way… Heinz is still doing the never ending varnish job on L’Equipe…no wonder we don’t want to hear of varnishing Soli .. we do not have the commitment that he has… “we’d rather be sailing!”

Today Rudy Malone, the owner of the Hope Town marina where we are staying went fishing and we got 2 pounds of very freshly caught mahi-mahi… there is nothing like the taste of fish that was still swimming a few hours ago… poor little thing! Giorgio that was for you!

Tomorrow I have an appointment for a pedicure and foot massage $15!!! I am going to the same nice lady who cut David’s hair and hopefully her daughter will cut mine next week.

Time to make supper…talk to you later….


Anonymous said...

So... As of February 3rd, am I the only bearded Allin?

Anonymous said...

wow... dad your beard, you don't even look like you!!! cath

Anonymous said...

Well - it really is me !!!! It is 10 days after the deadline and it is still with me - some like it and some do not but TSM does like it so...................
hope that you had a great weekend.
Lots of love, Dad

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