2007.12.31 Hope Town

Last day of the year…. We returned to Hope Town and Soli last night after an excellent albeit long journey…some 18 hours in total but it was very much worth it … we had an excellent Xmas in the UK with David’s family.
The Allin/Welsh families certainly know how to host wonderful parties.
A superb carol service at Salisbury cathedral followed by a supper at Deborah and James was a treat we were looking forward to and were not disappointed, it was as magical as last time.
Xmas dinner was wonderful, 18 of us around the table at Tiptoe (D’s younger brother Jeremy and his wife Beverly)….Catherine & Mike and even my Dad were part of the crowd who enjoyed Beverly’s feast… We missed Stephen and Elisabeth but next time maybe!

We found Soli in good form and all the nightmares of a plug coming lose and losing power and all the food in the freezer did not materialize!
On last leg of the trip home, the ferry ride from Marsh Harbour to Hope Town under the awning of stars ( here Orion’s belt is at a different angle from the UK) it was so nice to see Hope Town lighthouse welcoming light flashing in the distance …we waved to L’Equipe as we passed them on the way to the marina.

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