2008.01.20 Hope Town

We said a fond farewell to Suzanne yesterday as she was off to Montreal… she is playing postman …she will post a couple of cards for us.

They had been forecasting a cold front with very high winds and rain… every boat in the harbour was battening down in readiness for this big blow which so far has not materialized…. It’s cooled off, there is a nice breeze about 15 - 25 knots and overcast and we have had light drizzles but that is it so far!….

David was looking forward to a day off from bright work but since the weather is not cooperating with HIS plans I think he is about to go and do more of this wonderful, scrubbing and sanding….
In an email this morning, PA mentioned TUNG oil as a nice treatment for our teak …we had never heard of it so of course Google to the rescue, now that we are enlightened and convinced... we would like some please!!!!

Last year I added bread making to the list of boatwife duties… this year I have not yet made any…. The wonderful ciabbatas we bought and froze in Savannah have kept us supplied this far…I have just started the last one last night, one with yummy olives....but if we don’t find any in Marsh Harbour (next island over, Little Abaco Cay) the bread flour may need to come out of its locker ….

As I am writing this (and David has finally gone outside, braving the elements, to scrub the teak…labour of love!) there is a delicious smell coming from the galley… we are making Sour Orange Marmalade…
Now, do you remember I said nothing grows on the island.. well I lied, there are a few of these sour orange trees, they are full of pips but very good for marmalade…. Jacqueline gave me instructions and assumed that I knew, as any fool would, that it is to simmer UNCOVERED… of course I did it covered and it now bubbling away some more in the hope of acquiring a jelly consistency… in any case it smells and tastes delicious even if we have to eat it with a straw!

An other one of my new duties is mustache/beard trimming… some of you may have noticed (I know CJ and PA did) that good to his promise to me D has not put the razor to his face since Jan.1st… he has been complaining that it is itchy, that he feels dirty etc but even Jacqueline and Suzanne said it was starting to look good and feel soft… not sure I wish to share ….In any case I used my little embroidery scissors (I do NOT embroider… there is a limit !) to trim the hair that was growing too close to his mouth, he now likes it much better … although he keeps saying that it is coming off Jan.31, that was the promise…one month to see what it would look like! So it might be a subject of a poll but I reserve final decision (actually unfortunately the pirate does!) and the odds are that it will be removed soon after the deadline has passed!

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Anonymous said...

Mmmm...that marmalade looks very good...great colour! I hope to learn the art of jam (preserve)-making sometime soon...ish.

Enjoying your blog...you both seemed happily engaged in labours of love & it's fun to read about.


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