2008.01.03 Hope Town - Xmas pictures from the UK

While I am cocooned in our bunk WEARING A TURTLE NECK SWEATER and waiting for the b---y wifi to load …it probably will not, I thought I might come and chat…I am desperately sorry not to have been able to upload pictures on the blog but OII (Out Inland Internet) of which we are the proud albeit unsatisfied subscribers will not let me!!! Trouble in paradise you say, well actually that’s about the only thing wrong with Hope Town …it has gone from iffy wifi to never never land wifi!
David would tell you that right now he is not too thrilled with the weather but I would never dare complain about it when I hear about the record snow falls up in Canada (and in ORLANDO FLORIDA we heard today!!!)…. Having said that Wendy is loving it, just got the family ski season passes ….good for you guys… Catherine & Mike have just returned to Quebec City today and I am sure they will jump on their snow boards as soon as they can…. Mike congrats on being awarded the Alexander Graham Bell scholarship …not just another pretty face!

Now to update you a bit on what we have been up to since our return home.
I am pleased to report I had no jet lag… I put this down to the 2 G&Ts the nice flight attendant gave me… I slept like a baby… Thanks to my Mother in law for introducing me to yet another vice!!!

On Monday 31st we went to lunch at Capt. Jack with the crew from L’Equipe … it was so nice to see Karina (the daughter we share with Heinz & Jacqueline since we miss our own kids ) …she also brought our mail from Montreal which was good.

For New Year ’s Eve we were invited aboard L’Equipe and the Weber team was in full flight… the sumptuous banquet, that was served on board, had their other guests, Phillip & Janet astonished at their prowess… not us … we are used to being spoiled! All kidding aside it was just delicious and we forgave them for going fishing without us since we could enjoy the sweet grouper, they caught with Truman, in the bouillabaisse as well as fresh lobster tails….did I forget to tell you we were spoiled !

After dinner we were invited back for dessert at Phillip & Janet’s… they have a lovely house on the island where we enjoyed Vernon’s famous Key Lime Pie and some bubbly….we then went to the water front and were treated to a remarkable fireworks display at midnight…. We then enjoyed a parade of locals ..It is called a junkanoo I believe …the music and dancing were great, the costumes fabulous!

On the 1st Karina came to visit… actually to give me a pedicure….so now I have popsicle toes …we gave her mince pies with brandy butter which we brought back from England (she was surprised to find out they had no meat content whatsoever) and we were back at CJ’s (Capt. Jack not Catherine Junior) and had a fix of grouper burger… I never tire of eating it….

On the 2nd we took the ferry to Marsh harbour as it was time for Karina to fly back to Germany.. We did not feel too bad for her as she is going skiing for a few days with a friend… we took the opportunity to go to Maxwell’s for a little provisioning of fresh stuff …the bosc pears were very nice looking and larger than in Montreal but they were $1.29 a piece so I bought TWO!!!

So here we are back in the cocoon of our bunk…. The North wind is howling outside gusting to 35 knots …David did some business this morning which is a very nice way to start the year…. The Blackberry is working beautifully, which allows him to be “in the office” all day!
This evening we invited J&H to a spaghetti dinner…. Some of us have to keep simple comfort foods in the loop …especially with the weather…. I hope the wind dies down some before this evening as they will have to brave the waves to come to Soli by dinghy … it can get quite wet!!!!

Hope the weather improves by tomorrow so we can go for a long walk on the beach …we only had a tease of it on Monday and I need to walk all the Xmas and New Year’s cheers off !!!!

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