2008.01.16 Hope Town

Happy birthday Allan... glad to hear about the new wheels and that the kitchen renovations are on schedule more or less....send pics please!!!!

What exciting things have we been up to? not much really... sorry to be so dull.... will probably lose our readership especially since one of our most faithful reader, Suzanne, in on board L'Equipe thus week!

We did have a lovely evening on Monday.... we had been invited to supper by the crew of our sister ship Briezl, Susan & Rolf.

They have a beautiful home on the beach, which they just finished building last year with huge windows covering most of the wall facing the beach and sea....

Susan understandably enjoys meal preparation in her land galley, the view is magnificent ... they are also very much into restoring native vegetation to their garden and the beach and are also growing a small vegetable patch.... it is amazing how everything has to be brought in from the main land....including SAND to build with and earth to plant in ...no wonder so little food is grown here!

We brought some goodies to share, a duck liver we had purchased in Perigord, when we drove across France with Danielle and Robert last October and a Chritmas pudding we brought back from the UK along with butter and brandy sauce...it was all much apreciated as we enjoyed the delicious supper prepared by Susan...

Rolf had picked us up at the marina in his gig and the next leg of the trip to their house was by golf cart....no one has cars on the island and on our side of the harbour there are no roads at all...so boats of all shapes and sizes are the only way to get around. Rolf also got us home safe and sound, negociating the shoals in the dark ...think he's done it before!

Yesterday we went for a long walk all the way down to the South end of the island and had lunch at the Abaco Inn....fish of course need you ask ....Giorgio you would love it here!

Then we walked all the way back on the beach where we spotted a small sand shark patroling ... we think we will keep our popsicle toes out the deep water for now!

Parts of the shuttle were recovered in the area...sad testimony to such a tragedy.

We need to dinghy over to the next marina now to fax a copy of our cruising permit to import some spare ...talk to you later!

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