I Promised to post a few pics so I came ashore to the marina Had a lovely long hot shower and am trying to charge my computer's battery...but so busy on line and on Skype (Danielle & Cat&Mike are now with it) that I am afraid I am using juice faster than it is going in!!!!

Not in particular order.

Here we go a sunrise ...not sure where ...but I promised you lots of them!

A little bird came to serenade us .....wish I could have recorded the concert.

The skipper on Skype...it's been working remarkably well.

Sharon practicing on my conch....I think this is a girl conch ...it does not work for the guys.

The view from the helm...going down Haulover Cut I think!!!

Ruger's best friend!

The buddies (boats that is).

Walking down the street on our way out to lunch.

My mother in laws don't have flowers ...

Tony, do you know what these are called?

A fine example of spanish moss.

The Christmas day pot luck at Vero Beach. David is talking to Paul (Yara) he and Kira came with ARC last year.

Steve, Kira and Sharon waiting in line...hope they don't run out of good stuff!

The anchorage At Velcro Beach taken from the bridge.

Boxing day dinner on Indian Summer

Feeble attempt at decorating Soli

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