Today was the day of the Mikes…outside Mike who installed our brand new life lines, I now feel quite safe leaning and hanging on to them, they are beautiful.

Also inside Mike came to install the new thermostat on our freezer…to say that we are very pleased with the way it is performing so far would be quite an understatement .. it may just save our marriage or at least eliminate the only tension we had …last winter there was a lot “shut off YOUR freezer, it is sucking all the amps out of MY batteries” and “do you want all OUR food to go bad and have to be thrown away”… hopefully there will be no more of this …

Thanks Mikes you both did a great job…David said it was David Hudson caliber and that is saying it all!!!!
and on a Sunday to boot, Camachee Cove is one good place to have your boat looked after http://www.camacheeisland.com/ .

Well I better stop I am starting to sound like an advert!!

Yesterday was another interesting day, David was off to the showers in the morning when we saw Sharon and Steve in the throes of hoisting Steve up the mast to do what guys do best….mess around with boats, off course we had to stop and help and after an hour or so of figuring out different devices for going up the mast, D finally hoisted Steve up with the windlass motor…it worked a treat…..then Sharon and Lynne and I went shopping (NOT FOR FOOD …I HAVE TO SIT ON THE FREEZER LID FOR IT TO SHUT!!!) in an absolute downpour…beautiful downtown St Augustine was almost deserted save for us 3 drowned rats!!!!
St Augustine is the oldest settlement still in existence in the USA....it was founded in September 1565. A very historical and quaint town.

Last night was the annual party at the marina, all the merchants etc had an open house with all kind of delicious foods and wine so we worked our way through from one to the next sampling oysters, shrimps, chili, wings and all kinds of delicious home baked deserts….as I’ve so often said “nothing like southern hospitality”. We ran into Angie and Mike (Lady of Lorien) they are now on their way to meet up with Moon dance http://moondance38.wordpress.com/

This is almost like another Vero Beach aka Velcro Beach, (hard to leave) but somewhat more expensive especially when you are busy fixing stuff on the boat.

On Friday night we were invited on board “Indian Summer” for sups…Steve made a delicious beef stroganoff with rice and we brought cherry pie and HD ice cream…I do seem to always talk about food….I am afraid our life revolves around sailing, maintenance and eating!!! No television, nor do we want one, no newspapers, I remain blissfully ignorant of all the calamities around the world to my father’s horror…am only interested in hearing news of family and friends…interestingly enough our daughter in-laws are more involved in our blog than most!!

GTG skipper is getting hungry…

First sunrise picture of this cruise, this one is over the Usina bridge in St. Augustine...there will be more I am sure and sunsets too...no escaping those!!!

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Anonymous said...

So glad you started blogging again! I like the new format and the photos. We heard you talk to Chris last week. Did you cross over yet? We're leaving Ft. Pierce tomorrow and heading to Lake Worth. Hope to cross on Tuesday. Hope to see you soon!
Harriet & Skip (Moondance)

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