2010.11.25 Thanksgiving in Fernandina Beach

I have not got off to a very good start , but of course David has been writing so I did not have to. …I spent a WHOLE day on Tuesday to get the blog up and running again as it looked like I could not upload pics anymore then it went from bad to worse and I thought I had lost or killed the whole thing …but tenacity prevailed and we are up and running with a slightly new and improved format. (that BTW is not either one of us surfing in case you were wondering!!!).

We had a longer than expected stay on St. Simons Island as we needed to make repairs to our raw water pump…so after the parts were Fedexed to our friendly local West Marine and Wayne installed  the new impeller with much huffing and puffing and "sorry Mam" and we had to battle again with the alternator belt which had somehow gotten loose AGAIN!

We woke up this morning in an absolute pea soup but by 1000 it had cleared up enough for the skipper to see his way through and we cast off. It was a good day’s run to Fernandina, with no trouble….we were very glad to have gone inside this time as we could see the thick fog banks to the East. It was especially easy for me as David drove and I cleaned up our nav table and tidied up below.
Good thing the skipper has radar and a track and of course old salt savvy!

Still looks pretty foggy to me!

The gang that hangs out under Jekyll Bridge.

Look at that fog bank to the East.

Sunset in Fernandina beach.
I did come up on a couple of occasions…one of them was to look at the horses on Cumberland Island WITH MY BINOCULARS…we WILL stop next time!!!!

We arrived in Fernandina Beach (never have seen the beach mind you) and we are soon going to hit the showers and go for a hopefully nice turkey dinner….so nice Americans walking by our boat said “of course you don’t celebrate our Than
ksgiving” to which we replied “yes we do, we swing both ways”. Pretty sure our favorite ice cream and fudge shop will be closed ..
I did break out the old conch shell ....pretty rusty... ME not the shell, just missing my buddy Steve !

                                       HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!!!

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Such beautiful pictures!!!
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