2010.11.27  Camachee Cove, St. Augustine

We had a really good, easy day...this morning Angie (Lady of Lorien) came a knocking and said "the boat next to us left...there is an open slip if you want to move" and we did just that after topping up our tank.
It was a beautiful crisp sunny day....just the way I like them, no humidity a nice little breeze so no bugs...just perfect. I cleaned, tidied up, did some laundry, put my plants in the sun and generally enjoyed the simple life of a cruiser while at a dock. Tomorrow will may borrow a courtesy car and go for a spin around town...St Augustine is the oldest settlement in the USA.
It is awfully comfortable I must say, the A/C or heat running on shore power at will, no restriction on water etc., quite decadent...must find out their monthly rates...just kidding the high seas and Hope Town beckons us!!!

We had supper on board and went for a nice walk all the way around the harbor...we are on the north side (although they call it the East side) of the harbor so we have to walk all around to get to the happening part, where we stayed last year....there is a boat I am in love with, her name is "Blue Star" ...just understated elegance, must find out what she is! 'Tis a very nice evening, a fleece, skirt and crocs may not be the height of elegance but is me at my best.

We are awaiting a number of people to descend upon Soli on Monday to start canvas, rigging and most important refrigeration work...we cannot go to the Bahamas without it and right now our 12 volt refrigeration is totally  kaput ...so when Mike comes on board on Monday morning I will put shackles around his ankle and not let him off until it is working satisfactorily... hope he is not reading this or he may not come.

Boats like computers are finicky things....they are wonderful when everything works, but a lot of hassle and worry when that's not the case....and of course I am waiting for that freezer to work so I can stock up on goodies.

I have just finished reading "The strange last voyage of Donald Crawhurst" and am amazed at how these round the world sailors, in the sixties, used to be gone offshore for eight months and manage to stow enough provisions and especially water....what extraordinary courage and tenacity they had...

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