2010.12.26 LYC Green Turtle Cay - Black Sound

We haven’t posted for a while….afraid to bore you. We are still snugly tied up in Leeward YC (Black Sound), doing what we do best…having a lazy morning, sipping tea, reading  books and the net (mostly other cruisers blogs!). It is blowing and pouring and we are grateful for our full enclosure and no leaks anywhere!

Since we arrived in GTC , we have had a very nice visit with our friends Harvey and Mary Helen (Gone Away, you may remember the lady of the reef from 2 years ago)…they came around the Whale to see us and we spent a few days tied up next to each other.
We rented a cart and did some exploring of the Cay, as they had never been here, but mostly socializing…David drove through every muddy potholes on the cay  like a maniac and MH and I were covered with mud by the time we got home....but we had fun anyway and I got to see my mocking bird (or one of its relatives) at Bluff House in White Sound....unfortunately he was not in a singing mood.
 This palm tree was uprooted a while back but it does not keep it from growing toward the sun....Bahamian spirit.
The Sea of Abaco from Bluff house
Cruisers, being far from home and family during the Holidays, really go the distance to spread holiday cheer…on Xmas eve morning, we had a great breakfast hosted by Canadian retired hockey player Gary Aldcorn who used to play for Toronto, Detroit and Boston.. When this Redwings legend retired from hockey he went on to get a masters in virology and an MBA…not just another pretty face!

His boat is aptly named “Breakaway” and he enjoys getting cruisers together, there must have been around 40 of us enjoying a delicious breakfast….Thanks Gary!

We then went on a walk on Cocoa beach with Reg and Val, we have rented a golf cart (again!) with them for a couple of days…but this time Val is sitting in front and keeping D from driving too fast…although he had us on a path along the sea with about 1 inch (no exaggeration) between the wheels and a plunge down when we drove into town.

We went to Genevieve (local bar & liquor store) for drinks and munchies and admired the Xmas decorations in New Plymouth.
Santa was wearing CROCS - sorry I cut his feet!

Yesterday, Christmas day, we attended the annual cruisers Xmas potluck, there must have been between 70 and 80 of us …again mostly Canadians, a few Brits and very few Americans…
Jan and Leslie
Pete (Cloud Nne) & Ruth (Tonka)

.The food was great …Jen (Te Amor) made a fabulous lobster chowder, with lobsters that she actually caught herself…there are some pretty amazing women around.

It really is interesting to see how most of the boats we see are Canadian flagged and we have met quite a number of Nova Scotians (?).
The dynamic D&D duo - Dick and Deb 
More colourful Nova Scotians - lobster chowder queen Jan and hubby Cam

Last evening we had Val, Reg (Aquabella), Deb & Dick (Ar Sgrail) over for drinks….Deb is another one amazing Nova Scotia woman, she and hubby Dick are both Canadian Coast Guard, she baked and distributed plates of delicious boatbaked Xmas cookies, made a full course turkey dinner (just for herself and Dick….so they’ll be eating turkey for a while) and yesterday when the tide was very low and Soli was almost hanging by her lines she and Dick helped me redo her lines (the Skipper was on the beach) so I had a “dock lines 101”course which was much appreciated. I now feel sorry I complained to the dock master about the abusive delicious smells coming from Ar Sgrail on a daily basis.

We are now snug in our slip, as a front is going through…blowing 30 and gusting 43+ knots since midnight and the skippers are walking around the boats, adjusting and adding lines  making sure they (the boats) are not being chewed up by those potentially nasty pilings.
Maybe this way....

All together now....heave Ho!!!!
There is a concert at the church this evening, which we had planned on attending, but I am not sure we will  be braving the elements to go across to town in our dink and get thoroughly drenched.

That’s about it, folks, I told you nothing exciting…We do miss Indian Summer!

Hope you are all enjoying a happy holiday season with your families and friends.

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