2011.01.02 GTC

We are still enjoying the quiet life on Green Turtle Cay and so is Soli

Val and I walked into town last week to do a bit of food shopping.
It was so cold the Wrecking Tree was enclosing their screened porch!

Our"chauffeur" was patiently waiting to drive us back across the sound. (Ruth on garbage duty in background)
This might look like a fixer upper but I believe it is a "protected heritage building"... very sweet.

It has fortunately warmed up considerably....FDLM standards!

The boys had a dink bonding session....spark plugs?
We rang in the New Year with a "pub crawl" as David would say with some of our fellow cruisers ...was quite innocent really, I had 2 drinks and just water at the last stop...

We started off at the Leeward YC at 1600 with drinks ...the drink of the day was "Skinny dipping" since I was told the previous day had been "Sex on the deck" , I personally think the order was somewhat backward!... everyone brought an appetizer, our contribution was Soli's signature dish "hot crab and artichoke dip" quite yummy.
The "stand-up" at Leeward Yacht Club by the pool.
The tiki bar
We then all got into our trusted dinks and motored across Black Sound to our next stop at "Genevieve" ....more munchies and a slice of Miss Sally's delicious rum birthday cake...they were out of bubbly so I had a glass of white wine which was a good thing as most of it ended up on my me! At 1900 (midnight GMT) we all sang "Auld lang syne" (I did not know all the word, but bluffed my way through...sort of...I might have sang it in French "ce n'est qu'un aurevoir" but am afraid I don't know the lyrics any better!)

Kevin and Matt
 The last stop was "Pineapple's" where Kevin of the "Gully roosters" fame was entertaining the crowd...all the roosters were not present but Matt was doing his thing with his "rake and scrape" a most special Bahamian musical instrument...scraping a saw with a stick... 

After all this merriment, we dinked back home and were tucked into our bunk by 2300...was well past our bedtime!!!
Beautiful downtown New Plymouth

We had to be in shape for the "Junkanoo" the next day...it is a parade to celebrate Mr John Canoe who apparently stood up to the English and the Dutch and was a hero to the slaves. They have Junkanoos on most Bahamian Islands but Green Turtle's is supposed to be one of the best.
Cruisers and locals line main street in anticipation of Junkanoo
Adrian, Kristi and their good looking boys.

Green Turtle Cay police force were all on duty - both of them.
The theme this year was "American Indians"
This little boy can't wait until he is big enough to take part.


elisabeth said...

Looks like y'all are having a great time! What amazing costumes for the Junkanoo parade...how did you take those pictures from so high?

David Allin said...

I am sorry to possibly disappoint you, Elisabeth, I was not perched at the top of a lamp post...I simply walked to the top floor of a house and shot from the balcony...very tame I am afraid.

so far so good said...

Hello from New Brunswick! Jealously following your adventures once again this winter - hope you are enjoying your cruise. I have to comment on the origin of the word Junkanoo because our Charlotte posed it as a trivia question on the Cruiser's Net back in '07. We had learned that it comes from the French term "gens inconnu", which, as you know, loosely translates to unknown people or disguised people, hence the elaborate costumes.

We look forward to more of your posts.
The Nicholsons (formerly known as Mysterious Ways)

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