2011.03.26 Green Turtle Cay LYC

We are back in Green Turtle, which is probably our second home in the Abacos.
We have had (are having) some concerns with Miss Beckie (our engine) and of course that is not a happy thing when we are planning a long passage North!

Thanks, Tony, Rolf had told me about the Cape Honeysuckle ...but I forgot!

After a farewell lunch at the Lodge with Jacqueline, Heinz, Susan, Rolf and of course Rudder...and a last lobster on board Soli....we said good bye to  Hope Town for this season.

And moved on to the next Cay....

We had a little mishap  coming into the harbour, one of the dink's painters (we only have 2 now!!!) got caught around the prop shaft as we were anchoring...cannot believe we actually did that but we did!!!! David tried to dive on it but could not hold his breath long enough to get to it...fortunately, Serge (Miralo...a boat we knew from Lake Champlain) came to our rescue...the poor guy had been diving on his own boat to clean the bottom, had a nice shower and was dressed again relaxing in his cockpit...when we asked if he could suit up again and dive on Soli...he had all the equipment and was able to dive and cut the line which was tight around the shaft.

David giving moral support to Serge
Merci beaucoup Serge!!!!

Now, I know, I had been saying I did not like Treasure Cay...we were there the first year...on the dock...the weather was not the greatest and that supposedly fabulous beach was very difficult to walk due to very soft sand....fast forward to this year, we decided to give it another chance, found a delightful anchorage, had gorgeous weather and walked the beach AT LOW TIDE on wet sand....soooooo I take it all back...this is one of the10 most beautiful beach in the world ...I haven't seen them all, but this one is pretty AWESOME!!!!
The next day we rented a car with V&R and drove to Treasure Cay airport to extend our visas...very painless with BID officer Wilson...he was so nice and handsome and I was dying to ask if I could take his pic..but I did not...!

We then went to Winding bay, which is a very posh resort we had tried to get into 4 years ago and had been turned away....this time we were greeted like long lost friends...a sign of the times!!!!
We walked around their beautifully landscaped  grounds and very nice houses...Susan you would approve!

 We then came home for Val's birthday dinner.
Specialite du bateau ...cassoulet...
And Anne's scrumptious carrot cake with Reg's favourite icing...

That one is for you Jack!!!!
The resort at Treasure Cay

Anne gave me her recipe for pizza dough on the way home from the beach....it was really easy and surprisingly good...probably beginner's luck....
Then it was time to leave  Treasure Cay and we had hoped to go to Manjack Cay, but due to Miss Beckie's problems ....we thought we should go straight to Green Turtle and investigate.

Sibyl came to visit...she is almost Bahamian.
 This is the sweet house that Sybil is building on Green Turtle Cay

Miss Beckie also had a visitor....George.

Then yesterday another superwoman sailed into GTC...Lin (MoDachaidh!!! now say that 3 times in quick succession....actually say it only once!), she sailed solo from Florida ....anchored in White sound and surprised us at Genevieve's...after we scouted moorings for her she has now moved to Black sound...the happenin place! She came over this afternoon and we had good chats about people and places we love!!!


Now that we are reasonably satisfied that we are fit to make the passage...we are waiting for a weather "window" to cross the Gulf Stream...it is not looking very encouraging for the next little while...we just missed one as we were not ready....guess we are stuck here for a bit ....shucks!!!!!

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