Leaving Hope Town tomorrow!!!


We are off tomorrow on the afternoon high tide...I think!

What has happened in HT of late.... The "girls" Val, Anne and Lynn went swimming...I could not as I had to take pics....paparazzi oblige!!
They were whispering and giggling, I knew Lynn was up to something....so I kept snapping not to miss it but they chickened out on the proposed group mooning....last time I did one was in the BVI (in 1985...I was somewhat younger and crazier!).

We went for a nice long walk and leisurely lunch at the Abaco Inn with Val (looking very respectable in her Mom's hat) and Reg.
We also went for another nice walk and lunch at "On Da Beach" with Gilian and Dave (Jilly-Q)....sounds like that' all we do...au contraire!!!

Now what is going on around Hope Town harbour...

Val and Reg came for drinks and each one thought the other one had tied up the dink...and that was BEFORE they had a drink!

The Alaskans came to visit...just think we were in their home town of Fairbanks this past summer...
The guys thought it would be fun to sail sun fish in the harbour...zigzagging between the moored boats was not much of a challenge for these seasoned sailors....
Rolf did not realize this was a one design race...pas de sweat!!!

D waiting for me in the dink at the Harbourview grocery dock!

Then this beautibul thing came into the harbour,,,very quietly sans fanfare!

We were invited for a tour and "picky dinner" we had a wonderful time...just like old times..

There was a terrible forest fire on the "big" island...

We can't even imagine the devastation in Japan...horrific videos! These poor people.

We went to "Two reef rock" for
dinner and met Rolf and Susan friends, Rolf told us "you are going to love them they are crazy...and can they cook!!!" Need I say more he was right on all counts!

The very best of house guests Gay and Leslie cooked up a storm....

 Then it was time to go home...our taxi driver bundled up for the ride on the launch.

Tres chic!!! but are we not in the Bahamas?
Jacqueline and I went for a beach walk (her first of the season).
We made it up to "2RR"

This may be my last report from/on Hope Town for this season...Boohoo!!!

Tony help?

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