Sailing from Knysna Indian Ocean


catherine aka favourite daughter :) said...

Looks great you two!! I am happy you have a blog and we can keep up with your adventures!

Anonymous said...

Bon voyage folks, I'm so jealous that you are doing the Lake Champlain to Annapolis leg without me. ARRGGH!
I'll be in OZ from 5 October until 5 November. I'll be in touich after I return.
Cheers and beers,
Brian P.

Anonymous said...

Dear All!

Hope you enjoy another fantastic voyage! Have fun and come back safe again!

Best regards,

Frank Bleecke

Jeremy said...

H3ello there
Glad to hear all is well if foggy ! I think i have finally worked out how to reply so let's see if this gets to you ! I have a skype account now and have tried you a couple of times but you were off line. I'll keep trying and maybe when Mama is here for lunch one Sunday and you will just be getting up. Not much to report from here..all working hard ! Will be in touch. All at Tiptoe.

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