0730 we cast off Whitehall after a nice shower and had breakfast underway... As soon as we passed the first lock the fog got denser and the radar worked beautifully.

Diane was on board Solitaire and Richard on Jem and their help going through the locks and looking out for buoys was invaluable.

We wondered if the lock masters had a competition going for the nicest kept lock, they were pristine and beautifully landscaped... regretfully we did not get any fried fish from the lock master on #7, he must have known that Diane does not eat "swimmies".

After doing the 12 locks (actually only 11, there never was a #10) of the Champlain Canal and the Federal Lock we arrived at Troy dock... amazingly in the last lock we saw a couple of guys on Seadoos, who had locked through the whole system with only backpacks on... no piano or washing machine for them.

We had another nice meal at Brown's and bade a fond and tearful farewell to Rick & Diane ...what a great pair of friends they are.

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