2006.10.01 ...

Joe (Troy Dock owner) took Louise and I provisionning at Price Chopper, it was pouring cats and dogs.. we had a free pumpout, topped our water and fuel tanks and were on our way for the relatively short trek to Catskill Marina It pretty much rained the whole trip. We passed Rick's dungeon (office) in Albany at 1130 but he was not there to wave as it was Sunday.
Beautiful mansions on the Hudson and lots fun names.... Ripvanwinkle bridge, Coxsackie. Talking about fun names at 1515 we docked at our destination for the day HOP-O-Nose Marina, in quaint and charming Catskill Creek... they have just built some lovely waterfront condos starting at $300K... Jem tucked in behind us, our masts almost kissing for the last time.
We had an orgy of Chinese dumplings with Hunan sauce which David devoured, good thing he does not like peanut butter!!

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