Well the honeymoon with 79th Street Basin is over, the weather is cooling off, a dull and still very windy day and we are getting fed up with the buoy banging against the hull, although it is painful to hear it does not appear to have done any damage. What is happening is every time the tide turns, the wind is pushing in one direction and the tidal current in the other resulting in the boat being ahead of the buoy instead of hanging back from it.

So we are soon leaving and moving the boat to Great Kills Harbour on Staten Island, it looks like a nice little horseshoe bay where we should have good protection. David has reserved a slip with Nichols, it should take us about 3 hours to get there.

What a ride, rock and rolling and surfing past the Empire State building, Ellis Island where all the imigrants used to be welcomed and processed,

and the Statue of Liberty, the very busy port of NYC with ferries, tugs & barges, helicopters, tankers, container ships and a line of planes coming in for landing... it is all very humbling.

Saluting "The Lady" as we pass

We finally bid farewell to Manhattan

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