0840 Cast off Hop-O-Nose Marina on a beautiful clear fall day.

We are cruising down the Hudson at 7 knots and are admiring the real estate on both banks.... lots of money around here, we have made a reservation at a restaurant this evening because they offer free dockage to their patrons... I hope it will not be a $20.00 for a burger.

Jem is leading the way today and warning us of floating debris of which there are quite a few and now I know what a real deadhead looks like !!

I have made a little spreadsheet on the computer to help us keep track of our disbursements for this little adventure, let's see if what the skipper has been reading ie $25K per year is realistic, you can take the bookkeeper away from her desk only to a point!!
1640 docked at this marina cum restaurant "The Torches", Louise and I went to register at the restaurant and were told that the free dockage was only during dinner... if we wishes to stay the night it was a further $3.00 a foot...$120.00!! I was not even close with the $20. burger.. so the 3 boats (Barbara Ann from Shelburne) cast off rapidly at 1640.
We decided to make a run for Haverstraw Bay, although it was a bit far and it was getting late, but as Capt. Baby justly said "we have electronic equipment hanging out of our yang yang, so we should be fine".
As a matter of fact Solitaire did not have the Navionics charts for this leg of the trip, so it was actually fun using the skills I learnt long ago with CPS, rapidly plotting positions on the paper chart and giving Skipper heading for a waypoint I had plotted at an anchorage.. even with all the electronics, good old fashion seamanship comes in handy.
First time dining a deux.

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