We had a bit of a disturbed night as it was very windy and and he lines from this mooring buoy kept banging into our anchor and making quite the racket. We have taken the anchor on deck and should have a more peaceful sleep tonight.

It is a beautiful clear crisp day, still very windy, the weather stations are talking about gale force winds on the coast so we are staying put for the moment.

Heinz (L'Equipe) called this morning, concerned about us, they are also waiting out the weather in Newport, we will meet up with them next week in Baltimore. At the moment it does not look like we are going anywhere for a couple of days, the weather should break by Sunday.

We had some excitement earlier, Andre reported a drifting sailboat, probably broke his mooring lines and was headed up the Hudson towards a ship, the US Coastguards sent a cute little tug boat to rescue her, so that entertained us for a while, then David spotted a bride and groom having a photo session on a ketch sailing on the Hudson, she must have been freezing, bare shoulders and all, only in New York.

Life is good on board our flotting condo in downtown Manhattan I am bringing my log up to date on Dino, short for dinosaur, David's old Panasonic Toughbook, David is on the Blackberry selling grain to the UK, or trying to and readind the news on Google. The Hudson is rocking us gently, we had bacon and eggs for breakfast and I will soon be hanging the laundry out to dry, hoping our knickers do not fly awy... no cabin fever yet!
We had a productive day, David was not happy about the way we had tuned the rig so we redid it and now the mast is nice and straight. We saw Michael sailing by this morning, tried to raise him on the VHF but he was not tuned in, he is Bermuda bound. Another quiet evening watching the magical city lights .

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