0705 cast off Great Kills, on our way to this wild North Atlantic that the weather stations have been bad mouthing for the last few days and they are still talking about small craft warning, the skipper declared this did not apply to Solitaire1 ( we are in the same class as the Queen Mary).. so off we go!

Passed Sandy Hook and finally sailed on the Atlantic. It was a wild and beautiful ride with swells of about ten feet rolling us along and Solitaire could handle them all sans probleme! It was quite impressive to look at Jem on our starboard looking like she was doing a submarine job... quite an optical illusion!
We decided to give Barnagat Inlet a miss because of shoals and pushed on to Atlantic City.
We arrived there at night and although the city is lit up like a Christmas tree, the red buoy marking a shoal was not and oooops we were hard aground!!
David was very upset, first ever grounding for him, Jem who had been been following us closely veered off smartly and avoided it. We eventually got off, Jem went to anchor and we went to the $3.00 a foot Trump Tower marina, we docked at 2000 the office was closed so we could not register and I am ashamed to say we left at 0700 the next morning without paying Mr. Trump a red cent (marina office still closed). I am sure he will still eat tonight.

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