Another grey rainy and windy day but we cannot complain as we are cosily ensconced in our warm and comfortable cocoon.
We are pleased with the way the batteries are behaving, after 2 days at anchor we've used 193 Ahrs.
We are tied up to a dock in Great Kills Harbour. We seem to be on the wrong side of the bay as far as activities are concerned, Jem is on the East side on a mooring at RCYC (Richmond not Royal!) and there are shops and restaurants nearby, Not sure we feel like launching the dinghy and motor and crashing across the bay in the rain...sounds too much like hard work but is is Andre's birthday so we'll see later.
We launch and went over to RCYC, we are off to the library to try and post this mess to the blog...wish me luck.
The library was closed!!! so still unpublished, pizza for lunch and a quiet evening back on board.

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