2006.10.15 .....

We are home for a couple of weeks and I knew I would forget something important on the boat and I have... the wire to download pictures from my camera to the computer duhhhh!!!
Also I noticed we had no comments on the latest postings... also nowhere to post comments!!! I somehow managed to delete the option for comments on the new postings .... two out of two I am really doing well, sorry about that.

The flight back to Montreal from Washington was very uneventful and we had Jamie and crash Jack (he was crashed in his car seat ...never woke up) to greet us at PET .

I must say I miss Soli, it was hard to leave her in Baltimore this morning but she is safe in Inner Harbor East marina and tied up like the QE2, not going anywhere I don't think patiently awaiting our return.

I'll write more later when I have found a way to post more pics.


Cath said...

Hey! Thanks for those updates. Love the pictures! what a great adventure you two are having :)Glad to have you home for a bit though.

Sally said...

After your last picture post, maybe Catherine "arranged" to lose your camera wire.

Anonymous said...

This is your mother speaking, have just been viewing your photos and news. It sounds as though you are having a lovely time, keep us updated, much love, mother

Anonymous said...

The adventure continues...How's the fishing?
Cecilia & Jim

Anonymous said...

Bonsoir, Chris and Maggie on Jem's machine having come down here to see everyone. enjoying looking at the blog. What internet access do you use upon the boat. Still struggling with ours ( very pricy )Mama sends her love and we are just about to go back to Highcliffe.

doitdifferently said...


I was thinking of you guys this summer. Chantal and I bought a Beneteau First 36s7 in Annapolis April 2005 and we brought it home and have been sailing on the lake (Mooney Bay then Treadwell Bay)for 2 summers now. We did not run into you there... but Francois forwarded me a link to your blog. He is trying to help me get my ham license in preparation for a similar trip we want to do next year. We love our boat but of course we would prefer a larger one... but that is a longer story.
You guys seem to be starting a great adventure. I look forward to keeping in touch.

Anonymous said...

Hi to you both- away 2 days already and still no additions to the blog ???!!! Must be having too much of good time in Balto ? Looking forward to following you down the coast and into the Tropics . Have a terrific voyage. When in Charleston, try and have a meal at "Magnolia" a really great southern restaurant just across from the market ! Bon Appetit !
Owise, still all quiet on the office fronht - waiting for a 'classy' Maroc freight fixture as yu sail down C'peake Bay.
Alles van die Beste !

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