We arrived in Washington on Thursday after an easy flight... the difficult part was getting on board the plane... after passing through regular security when they find out you are going to Washington a couple of other security checks are in place ...you need to remove your shoes at least 3 times have a personnal body search and every item in your carry on luggage is pulled out and closely examined... what kind of drugs are these ??? oh Tylenol OK!!

I had made a long newsy posting last night (after Mr. Plowman caustic remarks)but lost it ...so here I go again, it is 2150 and way past the skipper's bed time... but I shall endeavour to catch up some.

The weather has been great for the last couple of days, we found Solitaire in fine shape and have been doing bit and pieces to get ready for the next leg of our trip.. Thursday afternoon we went to Annapolis to have our genoa repaired at the North sail loft, we took Jacqueline along for the ride as she had never been there... we had a nice lunch on the harbour and a quick tour of this very charming old town.

Friday morning we were treated to an amazing show... the Staatsrad Lehmkul a Norwegian training ship came into the harbour with about 50 young men and women manning the yards some over 150 feet above the deck just standing on a ROPE!!! and they were chanting in a most amazing manner. The rest of the day was pretty much downhill replumbing the aft head...very mundane !!!

Today we went to a chart store and bought more charts!!!! and then to do some provisioning...equally mundane!!!! I still have not finished stowing it all, I even bought flour to make bread... I think all this sea air has gone to my head!!!

The Inner harbour in Baltimore is truly a happening place, lots of people and activities, we toured the tall ship that came in yesterday and I asked all the sailors if they had been up on the yards and showed them the pictures I took of them....we then went to Barnes and Noble and stocked up the boat's library some. We are planning on going to the aquarium tomorrow.

All for now... good night and I hope I don't lose this again!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear all preparations going well. look forward to hearing about your travels. x x

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update C. The blog is obviously working like a charm now - all reports, as well as comments being well received and posted ! Great stuff - but 'yacht-made bread'? Is that the saltine or olive variety ? Here's to an early castoff and great Day 1 down to C'peake ! A bientot !


Anonymous said...

Hope you got "The Other Boleyn Girl." If not, on your next stop maybe? It is a must-read.

Happy sailing, reading, eating and drinking!!


Anonymous said...

We are reading this in a rather damp and dreary England, the saving grace being that the colours of Autumn have suddenly become rather spectacular. Its great to hear about all your travels, keep up the blog and Bon, bon Voyage! Lots of love from all us landlubbers in Salisbury

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