We stayed on Solomons Island 2 nights on a mooring. We were in a very nice marina with excellent services and very friendly staff, individual bathrooms are much appreciated and it seems to become more usual in upscale marinas. David rowed us to shore and we all walked about half a mile to a restaurant on Wednesday evening and although the food was tasty my scallops were cold and rather expensive, but the walk was great and so was the company, we all compared our assorted technical problems with our respective boats, water pumps that leaked or did not work, badly wired macerator pump, pumps were not the flavour of the month with our group….we came to the conclusion that we should all take up golf…
We then rowed back, to Solitaire, although Andre offered us a tow. Yesterday we cocooned all day, the weather was absolutely awful, rain and very high winds, gusting up to 50 knots. Solitaire was rock and rolling at the end of the mooring buoy line, which David kept checking to make sure it was not chaffing. Fiddled around with the computer, read, had tea and more tea, this is not for the young and the restless!
The Babys came to have a little chat to plan our next leg, had sups on board, we tried our Origo alcohol heater which gave quite nice heat but we shut if off before going to bed at our new cruising bedtime which is about 2130 !!! no Jay Leno on board to keep D awake.

0800 cast off Solomons Island on a nice bright sunny morning, what a change from yesterday, we raised the sails, finally, but still motor sailed as we wanted to make some south way today and reach Deltaville before nightfall, we are doing a little over 8 knots over the bottom, so we should be there soon. It has been a pretty uneventful easy day with gentle swells and lovely big pelicans flying around as well as very noisy low flying fighter jets on practice bombing missions (there is an Air Force base close by) just hope they don’t take us for a target!
I was pretty proud of myself and actually took a picture of the sails with my phone and emailed it to the office but Tony could not even make out what it was… so much for this techy granny!!!!

We are now in Virginia having finally said goodbye to Maryland.

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