Here I am sitting in the very comfortable lounge of the "Zahniser's Marina" with wifi yeahh! We ar at a mooring along with our friends ... we might stay here another day as they are expecting severe weather... here we go again. Hopefully it will not be too cold tonight as we will not have electricity, here is our chance to try our "Origo" alcohol stove and see how cozy it makes our little cocoon... once in bed we are jake with comforters etc.
We had a short day today and it got quite foggy, visibility was very poor, not as bad as we've seen... but quite thick peasoup.
I had an interesting experience yesterday after I typed away on my baby dell I went below and found out the electric water pump was not working... after making sure the breaker was on and trying different things I got on the phone with our boat Guru David Hudson who had me hotwiring the pump, I mean I was slicing insulation off terminals and getting sparks (that was good believe it or not) ... anyway I got it working but by the time we got to the marina we had the pump replaced and disposed of my masterpiece.
Got to go the office is closing .


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Anonymous said...

Hey, sounds like you are having a fab time, we love hearing about your adventures over here!! Seems like the miserable wet and windy weather is everywhere! Everyone is well here, working hard as usual!!
take care, lots of love, sophie XX

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