Au revoir to Baltimore.

Our last day in Baltimore has been grey, overcast and damp but no worries - we are as prepared as we ever will be - there is enough food to feed an army and the beer and wine cellar is properly stocked. We have asked the marina to have our final bill ready for 08.00 hrs and then we are off down the Bay. The wind is predicted to be Westerly at 10/15 knots or so - a good reaching wind down to our next stop - scheduled to be Herrington Bay - by all accounts a nice marina. It's a trip of forty odd miles so should be easily do able in daylight. We do not know whether there will be handy access to the internet there, so are unsure of when the next post to this will be. Following that, the plan is to stop at Solomon and then Norfolk and the start of the I C W proper. The forecast winds are southerly in the latter part of this week, which is unfortunate as it means a head wind but hopefully we will be able to beat into them without too much problem. We are looking forward to getting south and into the warmer weather proper.


Anonymous said...

Best of Luck on the next leg... will be following you... love, terry

Anonymous said...

Drat! I think I wrote my comment on an earlier date. Will try to do better next time! BON VOYAGE and lots of love from J and D

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