We are cruising along the Adam’s Creek Canal on a beautiful sunny morning 72F on our way to Beaufort NC.

The canal is lined with lovely homes and nice long docks and of course everyone has a boat, usually lifted out of the water…are they trying to tell us something?

Let’s see… last time we published was in Belhaven, which we would give a miss next time or at least the Forest River marina, although very well reviewed by the Doziers (Waterways Guides), who happened to be schmoozing at the bar while we waited for 45 minutes to get overcooked cold hamburgers and shrimps….

It was actually funny, the rule down here had been to apply an 18% service charge for parties of 6 and over… this place was charging 20%... so we split up in two groups of 4 & 3 and just “happened” to meet by chance and sit at tables next to each other! Skipper Bob was right on that one, inefficent staff and second rate facilities.

Woke up the next morning to a very dense fog… we had to wait until 1030 to leave the harbour and by 1100 got into more fog, so we proceeded slowly with the radar on and Jem barely visible on our port. It all cleared up and the day turned out to be quite warm.

We met a boat along the way with a port registry in Poole UK, so D hailed him on the VHF…. They had a nice chat and found out that their mothers live about 5 miles from each other and that they had played cricket against each other when in school…

We crossed the Pamlico River and eventually got in at our destination, an anchorage just off the channel in Adam’s creek where we were treated to another stunning sunset… I am afraid we are suckers for sunsets and you may get bored with our pix.

We hare now in Beaufort NC, which is a very charming little town so after tying up to the nicest docks we have seen since Baltimore and a quick shower we all got into our shorts and t-shirts and had a typical lunch fare, crab cake burgers… quite good with a pint of British lager to wash the whole thing down, on the terrace of course…

Jacqueline & Louise went provisioning in the courtesy car provided by Beaufort Docks and I stayed behind hoping for the wifi not to be so iffi!!

And guess who pulled up into the slip right across from us "Flying Low" D's Poole buddy, very nice people, of course they are Brits. We chatted to them quite a bit, this is their second time doing this trip and they were going "outside" straight to the Virgins.

I have tried to make to this a little airier but it is not easy as with picture posting the format gets very hard to control.... trying!!!


Stephen said...

Hmm, crap food in the Carolinas, who'd'a thunk? Did they try to deep fry for shrimp?

I don't know what other readers of the blog think but for me and my gummy eyes, the spaces between paragraphs make it much easier to read.

Elisabeth said...

Lovely pictures of the sun-sets!

James and Deb said...

Hi Frenchie, Much admiring your web pages that i have just been introduced to. Statlingly good pics. I would like to be able to do sunsets like yours. Mine a re always "washed out". Keep them coming. I have you as a favouite and will try to view daily. Deb does.. she tells me! Take it easy!


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