We are now tied up in Southport NC and I just killed my first mosquito !!! well it was a winter mosie so these do not bite… right?....oooops just got bitten by its brother!

South Harbor Village Marina has very nice wide docks and friendly staff, Dave, a retired man whose wife probably kicked out the house got himself a nice little job at the marina.

The tidal current is quite strong which make maneuvering in the harbor and docking a little tricky but there are always people to catch lines and help. Something new we have found down here is the convenience of having the diesel pumped right at your boat so you don’t have to dock twice, which is great.
BUT they do not have wifi and since we cannot access the blog offline that I know of, I have to try and remember where we left off…

Yesterday was a bit of a stressful day, first of all Jem is having to be very careful in the shallow parts of the ICW, of which there are too many for his taste… They went aground once yesterday and L’Equipe as well…

The other stressful part is that we had planned on going to a specific marina last evening and by the time we called to reserve docks we were told that they had gone condo and no transient docks were available… they actually said the sheriff would make us leave if we tied up there…

The other marina in the area was not responding to the phone or the VHF and it was getting late and we were not sure where we would end up as you cannot anchor in a narrow channel… all ended up all right in the end, Beach House marina finally answered and said “come on in we have room for you”. Nice facilities and right by the beach in Surf City NC, we could hear the surf from the boat it was just gorgeous…

We had drinks and munchies on L’Equipe to unwind, I think we went through 3 bottles of wine… we needed to do a lot of unwinding!

Fish store in Surf City...Boat order style...
How fresh do you like your swimmies (fish)?

This morning saw us get off to an early start as we wanted to make the 0700 bridge opening, another lovely day and we saw the sun rising….I will probably treat you to another sun picture sorry about that.

Again many beautiful houses along Topsail Sound… they are very large and we are always wondering “where do all these people get to have so much money?”

The other very special treat along the ICW that I unfortunately have no pictures because either they are too far or move too fast…. That is all the wild life, porpoises that swim along our hull but disappear below the water as soon as I grab my camera, also all kind of aquatic birds, pelicans are my favourite. I love to see them circle and then just fold their wings and dive, then surface swallowing this big fish with one gulp… cormorants, blue herons and even egrets….D’s favourite bird …..

Talk about animal life we saw a dog swimming with a channel marking buoy in his mouth which he was trying to bring back to shore, that, of course, was mission impossible since they are anchored on the bottom… but he kept trying and would not give up and I am sure he was getting tired. So we all stopped and Carlos got into L’Equipe’s dinghy and went to rescue the dog, he pulled him onboard and was of course immediately thanked with a shower as the dog shook the water of his body and onto Carlos.
Jem went aground again and so did L’Equipe, this is starting to get monotonous… we were leading today and calling out the depths whenever it got shallow but a few areas around the inlets from the ocean sand are silting into the channel and it just got too shallow for them.

Well I have been going on for much too long again… will have to copy and paste this when we have wifi….. it is supper time anyhow, we are having spaghetti (remember my 15 boxes) with homemade or should I say “boatmadeBolognese sauce that I cooked today while underway. Ciao.

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