2006.12.15 Cattle Pen Creek GA.

Sunrise over Cattle Pen Creek, Georgia...

I had forgotten about Florida’s “noseeums” (little tiny bugs…so tiny you cannot see them hence their name )…. I hated them the year we rented a beach house in Sanibel Island in Florida and haven’t changed my mind … but they do love me....

Of course they do not like David… his tough skin, his pipe or just that I am THERE… so he leaves the boat open and I am dindin!!

On a more positive note we haven’t worn socks in two days (so they bite me on the ankles as well) so it is most definitely getting warmer, I have gone as far as washing our long underwear in the hope of putting them away until next year …do I dare?

I just love pelicans, especially the way they fly in formation ...Heinz said they must have been Air Force pilots in a past life....
We had our first anchoring in Florida last evening in Fernandina Beach…not very beachy, actually quite industrial….the paper mills were going all night and so were the big ships…. sounding their fog horns…and you could not see them just hear them getting louder and louder as they got closer and closer still, until the sound got less and we knew they had passed us and we were still in one piece. Quite a humbling experience!

Yesterday, after having stayed on Jekyll Island an extra day in the hope of the fog letting up, we were caught in it again as soon as we left the dock….but that was the point of no return and we continued on our way with the chart plotter and the radar and a quarter of a mile visibility… David even had a horn dangling from around his neck for good measure or maybe good luck!!!
Can you make out the two boats following us in the fog...

Jekyll Island was quite interesting, it had been purchased by 3 billionaires way back when and they had made it their private club, you can still see the “summer cottages” they had built…. More like castles!

We are now driving through a part of Florida that is getting more inhabited, they all have huge screened-in areas around their houses… I wonder why! I am sitting in the cockpit typing away… loooooooooove my baby Dell and we are having coffee and baklava… I was shamed into it by HW calling David on the VHF and bragging about having coffee and banana cake …with chocolate sauce no less….doesn’t he know all this is very fattening…

We are on our way to St Augustine today and are looking forward to visiting this very old (by North American standards) and interesting town.

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Anonymous said...

Ciao C & D -

Glad you have finally arrived in warmer climes, although its been a fun and event-full voyage to date ! Am on laptop but hv been unable to see/open the pix on the blog (they remain little rectangles with a red cross...)
Enjoy Fla - if not the 'noseums' ?
All Best - Tony

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