2006.12.09 Savannah GA

Well here we are in beautiful downtown Savannah Georgia and it truly is beautiful.

To back up a bit, after our last anchoring which was great with that lovely all chain rode, did not move an inch, we woke up to an absolutely freezing morning…2 below ZERO and with the wind blowing 25 knots you can just imagine the wind chill factor….

These are record cold temperatures for this part of the country, some artic air mass, and if we dare comment on the cold people point to the Canadian flag flying off our stern and tell us WE brought this cold front!!!

In any case, David drove the boat in that cold for eight hours, I do not know how he does it… I had 4 layers of clothing on and was below in the cabin most of the time and I still froze… while he was at the helm in that wicked cold wind….. I made lots of tea and soup !!!
Andre and Louise said they don't dress this much for ice boating in Canada.

Jem and Soli eventually caught up with L’Equipe at a swing bridge and with Andre making arrangements over the phone we ended up tying up at to the South Carolina Yacht Club in Hilton Head.

I cannot even begin to describe what a gorgeous place that was, first of all the harbour is inside a lock so there is no tide at all, we have done a lot of locks in our travels but never into a harbour.

Then the club house was magnificent and of course all decorated for Christmas with beautiful real Xmas trees and the most magnificent poinsettias we have ever seen.
We had a lovely meal, everyone was so kind, this is southern hospitality at its best, here we were in this most posh dining room, everyone all dressed up to “go to the club for dinner” and we were dressed rather casually except for Jacqueline who wore her harem shoes.

We left this morning under a magnificent blue sky…. Still very chilly but almost no wind which made it more bearable and the skippers had just had a meeting and decided that today we would “go outside”, so were on the ocean today ….finally, Andre was happy!

So now we are in Savannah, tied up to a dock right downtown, the old cobble stone streets, beautiful old stone houses we are looking forward to exploring it all tomorrow.

An interesting aspect of this trip is the diversity of experiences… one night we were in absolute wilderness, miles away from anything with just the moon, stars and Jem's anchor light and the next night in a posh yacht club and now downtown Savannah… les jours se suivent mais ne se ressemblent pas!!!

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Anonymous said...

HI dears,
I have just perused your blog, and find it most interesting. I have memories of hilton head, Glad you are both well as we all are here.
Lots of love

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