As David just said, it’s fortunate we went to bed early because here we are at 0440, on anchor watch.

We anchored last evening in Minim Creek East and everything seemed alright, then I woke up in the middle of the night, I could hear a light bumping sound… I woke up David and we went to check it out… our anchor was dragging and were drifting down right toward Jem.

We started the engine, picked up the anchor and dropped it again a little further up the creek. We watched it closely and the boat was over the anchor again… this is Manhattan all over again, the wind pushing one way and the tidal current the other way and Solitaire does not know where to lie.

We thought we might be dragging again so we started the engine and tried to pick up the anchor…but we could not, it was stuck… would not come up nor go down and the rode was very taut…. Then the words every first mate does not want to hear, “the rode is fraying, it is going to snap any minute and we are going to loose the anchor, stay at the helm and be ready to stir us out of here”.

I feel the wheel is not responding and I am visualizing this pretty horrific scenario of us drifting out of control right into Jem and then down the river in the dark because if the rode got wrapped around the propeller that would stall the engine.

David then came back and put the boat in reverse hard and somehow the rode came loose from wherever it was stuck under the boat ... he was then able to reel in the frayed part and make her fast again.

It is now 0545 and the anchor seems to be holding ... we are not drifting but we are still in this position between the wind and a very strong tidal current and we do not trust our anchor rode under these conditions.

So here we are on anchor watch duty...drinking tea, at least D is drinking tea, I am typing away .. we go up on deck to check on the rode and our position and we are waiting for the tide to turn ...it should ebb around 0640.

One thing we have both decided is that as soon as we get to Charleston, we buy an all chain rode, chain does not fray!!!


Cath said...

Man o Man what a night/morning. It was a very good thing you woke up when you did! Hopefully the chain will help!

Anonymous said...

Whoa... that is way too much boating information for me.... I will have niightmares tonight thank you very much... you can scratch me off your guest list, it is official now I AM MORE PETRIFIED THAN EVER :(:(:(Be safe Love Wendy,
btw...why wasn't it a chain to begin with. I am very upset.

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