2006.12.11 Cattle Pen Creek GA

Here we are again on a hopefully short anchor watch…
This time we know the anchor is holding…. after 4 tries… but we are waiting for the tide to turn as we are in a narrow creek and want to make sure we have enough swinging room when it does as we have about 75 feet of chain out and the boat might make a 180 degrees position switch and go into the bank.

It is 1945 we have had dinner, have done the dishes and all I want to do is get into bed with a good book and relax… I am getting to be as bad as my father which is really scary!

Today was a beautiful sunny day, somewhat warmer, we said goodbye to Savannah at day break and went through our usual series or rivers, creeks, cuts and bridges opening and fixed ones we also went through Catherines Sound, now why is it called a sound, I will have to Google out as soon as we have wifi…

None of us had any problems…I probably should not jinks us the day is not over!!!

We ended up having quite a peaceful night and woke up to another magnificent day in the middle of a marsh in Giorgia... it may not sound that great but one has to experience it to appreciate the wilderness, peace and simple beauty that we have seen these last few days.

I unfortunately could not take pictures as I knew they would not come out but when I poked my head out last night on a couple of occasions to make sure we were alright I could not believe the star studded sky above Soli...I never knew there were so many galaxies, I actually woke up David to share the magic of it all....not sure he quite appreciated being awakened and dragged out of a warm bunk!

I FINALLY got my first picture of a dolphin... ever since I dropped my camera it just does not snap fast enough and all I was getting were pictures of water with no dolphin or pictures of splashing as he dove back under....this one was kind enough to swim with Soli for a good half an hour and I got him!

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cat said...

Unbelievable! Just lovely. Did you name him?? Flipper perhapse?

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