2006.12.18 Titusville FL
This was a lovely sunrise in Titusville this morning... I know I am boring you with them ... but I am up while some of you are still snoozing ... please notice the pelican flying off the right corner.. there were three but the camera was too slow!!!

I sould have been typing away so I would only have to post now but I have been so busy on the boat the last few days I just did not …. Sorry Cynthia!

Cormorans love to dry their wings sitting on top of channel markers.

We are in Vero Beach Florida and today put in 10 HOURS … David on his feet at the helm most of the time… I just don’t know how he does it!

We have put in 3 pretty good days and have made some substantial progress South… today we were in shorts but David did not shed his fleece until later on I the day… CJ will be pleased to hear that’s because he is under a bimini which keeps those nasty UV rays away from her Daddy.
Rescue operation when L'Equipe ran aground yesterday... how come there was no frienly power boat when we ran aground... the going rate is half a dozen beers!!!

We ran along the Indian river, you know, the area where all those wonderful citrus fruits come from and we are eating APPLES AND GRAPES from God knows where… I need to do some provisioning !!!

We are in this very nice marina where we ran into some friends from Lake Champlain so we had this very lovely cockpit party on L
'Equipe…stopped counting the dead soldiers (empty bottles of wine) after four and the party has now moved to their boat.. I just came back to Soli to talk to y’all…had enough wine!!!

The girls went ashore with the dinghy yesterday to buy a few things (Carlos was driving I may add) and David was there to greet us back HOME!

I was in a total panic this afternoon…my beloved Canon went almost dead it just would not do anything … I pulled out the manual read and tried but to no avail so I put it away with David saying… “Well Christmas is around the corner and I did not know what to get you…. “ anyhow after a while I had this idea…I just took all the batteries out …waited a few minutes… put them back in and voila … just like with my Baby Dell… it works perfectly… now Santa is scratching his head again!!!

This afternoon we had another visit from a dolphin… he was swimming right alongside the boat about a foot away and all of a sudden he just rolled on his side so he could look at us .. I saw his big eye and he WAVED… I swear…he actually waved his flipper at me and this is supposed to be a wild animal… far more civilized than a lot of people!

It is now 2220 we still have not had supper… had a lot of munchies on L’Equipe so I guess that will be it…

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Cath said...

Hello! CJ is very happy to hear that Dad is listening and protecting himself from the sun... is he wearing sunblock though??

Just a quick note - Mike and I got the Christmas card from Savannah (looks like they realized Canada was not part of the US). Thank you very much for it!

Love the picture with the dolphin but I think you meant to say he waved... not wawed?

Love you!

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